How to cut teacups in half

louisianagirlDecember 9, 2009

This is my first time posting here, but I have been a lurker for many months. I am hoping that someone can tell me how to cut a teacup in half. What type of tile saw do you use? I can't find any information on the internet on how to do this. Please help!!

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I use a diamond wheel on my dremel and cut very carefully,gotta watch those fingers!!!

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That's not the way to share a cup of tea with yoour friend. LOL.

Look into buying a wet saw like this, you can have so much more fun doing many other things. Can cut a tea cup in hald in no time. Tiles, glass bottles, stone, rocks -----


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mzclassic(z9 FL)

Well dcarch, ya just had to tell me about that didn't ya??? Cause it forced me to go and buy the dern thing. Oh well, I needed to get one anyway. Marry Christmas to me. Thanks though.

Donna in Florida

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I do mosaics and have cut cups in half for my wall art but I just use my wheeled glass nippers. I need to get myself a wet saw tho as they cut them in half perfectly and you can use both sides that way. The way I cut them you can only use one side most of the time, occasionally you get lucky and can use both sides but very rarely.

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BTW, gon't get scared off by a diamond wet saw.

It is very a very safe tool to use. Less dangerous than a kitchen knife. You will not get seriously hurt by it unless you insist on sitting on it while it is going.


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Missed my chance the other day when my son was cutting tile for our new floor. Watched them push the tile through the blade, but that is flat. How do you push the teacup through without losing fingers? Can someone post a picture or a link to one on the procedure perhaps as you are doing it? We'd love you!!!! Thanks! Please send to me @

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milliesgirl, I haven't used a wet saw yet but I would use a push stick to push the cups, etc. through. You would use one for wood, why not glass/ceramic?

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It will not be easy to cut a tea cup and get two good halves. The last cut will most likely crack some of the cup.

This method may do it if you have a wet diamond saw:

Melt wax to fill the cup all the way. After the wax is set, you can start cutting. The wax will hold the two halves in place without cracking the cup. After the cup is cut, you can melt away and reuse the wax.


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Thanks for all your help. Dcarch, that idea is splendid. It may help me with cutting some other things that need some stabilization too!And the wax would probably help the blade, huh?

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You are welcome.

That is the standard way of cutting small rocks, precious stones, etc.

A lapidary supply store will have the kind of wax for small stones.


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