slipping belt

joe_mn(4 MN)August 23, 2011

have twin blade walkbehind mower. has 56" drive belt. uses hand control to apply belt pressure. put on new belt and adjusted lever for proper feel. mowed about 1 hr. son mowed again today and he said motion was jerky and than smoke was coming from belt area. did not look at it yet. odd. even 10 yr old original belt never made a squeak. if light hand pressure is applied, mower just slows down and even could stop. so belt does slip a lot. is it possible that new belt has more grip and just does not like to slip? standard v-belt. 1/2" width or maybe 5/8. old belt had many cracks but did not look real bad.

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It is likely that whatever the belt is turning is harder to turn than normal. There could be a brearing or bushing etc that is going out. A slipping belt that smokes is telling you that.

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joe_mn(4 MN)

Replaced 1 spindle shaft 2yrs ago. Bearing was fine. Think 2nd shaft assay might be getting sloppy. I inspected both assy's at repair time and all parts looked good. Will dig a little deeper

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joe_mn(4 MN)

Turns out new drive belt is fine. The belt for the blades is twisted and chewed up. Changed belt and found spindle shaft is worn so spindle pulley is moving sideways and rubbing against blade brake. Jeez what mess. Time for 2nd new spindle shaft.

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joe_mn(4 MN)

$40 for a 6" piece of double D bar stock. Grrr.

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