New mowers in cc and not in hp

popcornhillAugust 20, 2008

New to this forum so I hope this topic is not a duplicate. As I have started looking at new push mowers they are showing the number of cc's and not hp. I am assuming that the more cc's you get the more hp you get. Is there a chart or something that converts cc's to hp for us simpletons?....Tks......DT

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They are now using something like 'Torque Value', since HP ratings were so bogus.
HP was rated at 3600 RPM, while the engine was governed to around 3100 RPM.
The new rating is around typical governed speed and actually allows you to compare between engines more accurately.

Displacement VS HP varies between engine tipes and Manfs.
An OHV engine typically delivers more HP/Torque than a side valve engie of equal dispalcement.

"The gross power rating for individual gas engine models is labeled in accordance with SAE \(Society of Automotive Engineers\) code J1940 \(Small Engine Power & Torque Rating Procedure\), and rating performance has been obtained and corrected in accordance with SAE J1995 \(Revision 2002-05\). Torque values are derived at 3060 RPM; horsepower values are derived at 3600 RPM. Actual gross engine power will be lower and is affected by, among other things, ambient operating conditions and engine-to-engine variability. Given both the wide array of products on which engines are placed and the variety of environmental issues applicable to operating the equipment, the gas engine will not develop the rated gross power when used in a given piece of power equipment \(actual or net horsepower\). This difference is due to a variety of factors including, but not limited to, accessories \(air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, carburetor, fuel pump, etc.\), application limitations, ambient operating conditions \(temperature, humidity, altitude\), and engine-to-engine variability. Due to manufacturing and capacity limitations, Briggs & Stratton may substitute an engine of higher rated power for this Series engine.)"

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OK....I see....well....yeah....thanks Bill. My homework for tonight. Now torque value is something I might be able to get used to. The harder you twist...the more likely it is gonna break. Yea, I like that. Just gimme a high torque value any day. No joke...thanks again Bill, that was a good answer........DT

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Gotta watch those "accessories" like air cleaner, exhaust, charging, cooling, carburetor,

I wonder if they would warranty an engine if you removed the air clean & cooling? After all, they're just "accessories".

To me, it's still scamming. Just not quite as blatant.

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Don't forget to account for air conditioning and heated seats!

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I'm not sure that a single number, whether it is purported to measure horsepower, c.c. or torque value is really of that much value in selecting a mower. Whether one mower cuts and bags better than another is really dependent on how well all of the components work together. Bag, chute, frame, transmission, control and engine designs all combine to do the job at some level of effectiveness. For example a mower with a big number may be mated to a poorly designed frame that does little more than clog up with partly cut grass.

We stand a better chance of selecting a good mower if we focus on reputable brands, use the services of a good dealer, try the controls and assume the manufacturer will match the appropriate components including the engine.

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That is soooo true roadbike. But I think we are raised always trying to get the TOP number in what ever we do. So is sort of cares over to picking things like lawn mowers, cars, etc. And that is how the advertisements are produced. For what I need in a push mower I'm sure I do not need the most powerful or the top notch and I will be looking at the factors you listed and still try to come up with something to ease my ego. One number I like to see smaller is the price.....Tks again folks.....DT

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Actually this forum is a prety good place to get a reading on how well a mower works in the real world. Honda, Toro, Snapper and Lawnboy all have loyal users here.

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True roadbike...and I found this site at just the right time. When I was in High School I worked for a city in the parks department. We had Lawnboys back then (1966-7) and they were easy to use and tuff. We mowed a railroad overpass that was very steep. Tied a rope in a I bolt drilled into the front of the mower. One kid walked along the top of the overpass holding the mower on the hill while another kid pushed the mower. Talk about lope-sided legs and feet!! But we never burnt the motor out of the Lawnboy. Well I'll fade into the back ground and read up on all the mowers out there. Maybe by labor day or soon after I can find a deal on one of the 'gooder' mowers....take care....DT

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Didn't you folks see the big message from some lawyer who was fishing for somebody to bite on it? I think they were making up a law suit over horsepower claims as made by the manufacturers. There are leeches in every endeavour, and they got short shrift from the folks here.
by: Rusty Jones

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