Do you decorate your potting bench?

raforDecember 4, 2011

I DO!!!! Used what I had and some leftover white pine garland.

Started with this:

The wire basket is from an old light fixture we removed from the basement. I have several of them and couldn't decide what to do with them. So at the moment they are for Christmas decorations!

Here's an overall view of my efforts:

The little red and green "boxes" are luminaries. I'll light them tonight and get another pic of them.

I really don't think Martha has anything to worry about :)

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think its fabulous!

I don't have a potting bench unless you count the truck cap which we never use and is beside the garage. I'd like to get rid of that and get a real potting area. I have an old rake head saved!

When you take a pic again, please take the whole potting bench.


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Very cool, rafor! Love the pines & nice recycling of the wire lights! Like that sled standing there or whatever the wood thingy is ...TFS! Jeanne S.

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Great recycling! Like the greens & Christmas items in the light fixture, the sled thing is so cute! Did you make it? I remember 1 of Martha's 1st shows. She was putting some small potted plants in a large pot. She said to take some of these "pink ones" & then some "yellow ones next" & "purple larger ones" to fill in rest of pot. (These are not same words she used, point was she didn't seem to know the names of any of the flowers- I thought she was a goner in a few weeks but she probably got e-mails & letters & learned & did a great job after that in knowing her subject matter! So if she can get up to speed rest of us can also & you've done a great job on your bench!! Probably safe to say most decorated potting bench around!! You may have started a contest here!! ^.^ Jan

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I must say your potting bench looks quite festive! Love the light "cages" as hanging baskets! Your little sled and your wreaths are really pretty too!

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Love the potting bench decoration!!!

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Have to laugh: almost everyone here and on the home dec forum mentions the little wooden sled with the tree painted on it. It's really not my thing, I just stuck it there to fill in the space. It was something an ex girlfriend of my little brother's left him with along with the other Christmas decs she insisted he needed!! When I was helping him clear out his house last year, I ended up with it along with an artificial tree, lights and some tree decorations. Funny how things work out since it's been sitting around since then and every time I see it I think I should get rid of that thing :)

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Couldn't help but comment on that wooden know my name is 'jeannes pines', right? LOL! It's just 'rustic' looking old wood & someone painted on a pine tree...& looks like it fits right in there on your potting table! ;-) Jeanne S.

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