Celcius herbicide before or after high nitrogen fert?

pbguy420July 21, 2014

I asked this in another thread and cannot find the thread so sorry for the double post.

I'm about to apply celcius herbicide on my bermuda lawn which I overseeded crappy centipede with June 1st. I applied milorganite a few weeks back but really want to put down a high nitrogen fert ASAP to help build the bermuda as much as possible before the winter. Should I apply the high nitrogen fert before or after the celcius and how much separation between them?

Note I will be spot spraying celcius rather than broadcast spraying it because I've been hand pulling like crazy so the weeds I do have are small and spaced out... I'm just absolutely sick of handpulling, and yes, I now know I should've seeded in fall to avoid this but I still have a great new bermuda lawn!

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I use Celcius on my lawn and have never wondered the timing with Nitrogen application, especially if your just spot sraying.

I've done it both ways and haven't noticed a difference.

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If your talking about a urea or ammonium sulfate quick release nitrogen, apply the N first, water in, and then spray the herbicide a couple of days later the weeds will translocate the herbicide better. If your using nitrogen source that is more slow release wait a week and then spray the herbicide.

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