Large wheels vs Normal size wheels

aristottleAugust 11, 2009

Ok, if you were chosing a new mower, would large wheels on the back of the deck (which I have read are supposed to make the mower easier to navigate in uneven terrain, and possibly easier to push?)be important?

Would you prefer traditional or normal size wheels that have ball bearings in them like the Cub Cadet CC500 or would you prefer the larger wheels on the back (most likely without ball bearings?)

How much of a difference would it really make in how easy the mower is to use? BTW, the mower in question would be just a push mower, no power to the wheels.

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Since when does the Cub Cadet have ball bearing wheels? How do big rear wheels make it easier to push, when the front wheels are still small? Four big wheels would make a difference. Hence the four 9" ball-bearing wheels on the Honda HRX. The mowers I've seen with the big rear wheels seem to have a lot of broken rear wheels. Side-loading on those big wheels tears them up.

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It says on Cub Cadets web site that the wheels have ball bearings and the tires are semipneumatic for long life and smooth rolling.

I am not saying that the larger wheels make the mower easier to push.....just that I read it some does make sense however that the larger wheels would make it easier to maneuver because you wouldn't have to push down as hard on the back of the mower to pop the front of the deck up in the air.

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Here's the thing to know about large wheels. Depending on how the mower is configured, it can actually increase the effort needed to maneuver the mower. Push down on the handle as if you were pivoting the unit on the rear wheels. Sometimes they make the mower feel heavier than it is. You do see more broken big wheels than small ones as saxman noted. I see even more bent wheel adjusters on big wheel models. A ball bearing wheel or bi-metal bushing like the better Toro's have do stay rolling nicer over the years.

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Big wheels break. Big wheels make no difference in mowing effort. Big wheels are a gimmick.

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Depends on how big. My Snapper has slightly larger wheels than normal mowers but not the gigantic ones you sometimes run across. Those have alot of leverage causing the broken when the bind on something moving it around like catching a stone or dirt clod while mowing. Ball bearing wheels are great. I have 2 Snappers and the commercial model has ball bearing wheels. Much more solid and smoother. No rattling like non ball bearing wheels become over time.

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If you want a mower that is easier to push you either have to go self-propelled or get the lightest mower possible. Weight has a lot more to do with pushing effort then any other factor.

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aristottle; thanks for the link. I had looked for this information before when someone else mentioned the wheels on the CC500 and didn't find it, so I assumed they were wrong. I have to admit it's an interesting mower, even with a Chinese engine. Its also a 19", which is better for small lawns or trimming-only, but I'd still take it over a 'big wheel' mower.

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Well after reading some advice about large wheeled mowers I called all the local repair shops in town that fix push mowers.....and for the most part everyone agreed that ball bearings were the best, but that were NO issues with large wheels breaking (unless the mowers were being abused or shoved sideways).....One shop did say that he had replaced a fair number of wheels 5 or 6 years ago when large wheels were just coming out, but he said he hasn't replaced a large wheel on a mower in YEARS!!! Most of the shops seemed to agree and even wondered why I would be concerned as it is a non issue with them?

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Other than breaking and looking dumb big wheels reduce the ability to get the mower under objects like the edge of a raised deck.

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generally speaking, larger wheels are smother. If you have ever ridden in a small car like a corolla or a Hundai you will see how you feel the bumps more.

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Large wheels are a sales gimmick! Pure and simple! I have replaced several for folks. I've also tried pushing a mower with big wheels, and it was a pain in the neck! Give me the small wheels any time!

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Large wheels + side hill mowing = A need for new wheels. I do think some people enjoy the higher pivot point which can lessen the need for manhandling when maneuvering (women, seniors, kids) but I've always thought that an adjustable handle height was a better option for that (usually starts showing up around the $400 price range--The JD 25, 35, etc...). On a flat lawn may be that they are superior, but as mentioned above, side-loading will wear them out prematurely.

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If you are using a push mower like I am large rear wheels make a huge deal cuz the mower is alot easier to push.Rough and uneven lawns are not a problem with the large rear wheels.My push mower is also much more manuverable too.

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newjerseybt(5b NE PA)

I have an 4 year old commercial Honda HRC216 with hydro. I thought the 9" steel ball bearing wheels would make this mower a snap to push even without hydro assistance.


If the hydro blows, this tank of a mower is headed for the curb as the hydro is not serviceable.

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Large rear wheels are good for mowing in a straight line only. If you turn, even a little bit, you must completely raise the front wheels off the ground. If you do not, the side loads will make the cheap plastic spokes fail right where they meet the hub. And, no glue will fix it. It's plastic welding or 2 new Chinese wheels, which will fail again, but sooner..

Mine now has wooden wheels like a Stone Age (late Neolithic) oxcart.

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Any Large Wheeled Mowers I have used have been Boat Anchors ! Craftsman 24 " with 6.5 HP Engine was the last one I used and still feeling the effects 10 yrs later lol .

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Large rear wheels and/or castering front wheels are usually paired with unremarkable walk-behind lawn mowers to make them stand out from the competition. Usually, but not always they are found on entry-level machines.

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RB: The Jury is still out on the Caster Front Wheels . Will let you know my decision once all info is gathered.

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Ewalk...After reading the BB website I am throughly confused on one point. They say it is a self-propelled push mower with a belt drive. Depending on the phrase one believes the operatoir either pushes the mower forward or he doesn't. Which is it.

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It is VERY common for walk behind mowers to be called
push-mowers, whether they are self propelled or not.
Don't ask me why, but it is seen on this forum
constantly. So I guess Bad Boy has decided to
adapt to the language of the masses.

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Wow The Power of the Mass's Roflmbo ! :)

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Pushing self-propelled lawn mowers must be a regional thang...

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RB: It's actually has just been added as a Summer Olympics Event , thought you would have heard " The Red-Neck Self Propelled Push Mower 100 Yard Dash !" lol :)

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