Honda HRR216 hard to pull in reverse

baymee(LehighValleyPA)August 2, 2012

I've noticed this recently with these models that it's difficult to pull them backwards, with or without the engine running. One I have now, the wheels lock and the tires skid.

What causes this problem?

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Not sure if it's this model, but ISTR that after you disengage the drive, you have to push it forward a bit more before pulling it back. (or disengage slightly before you stop)

Maybe some pawls have to fully disengage?
Maybe some cleaning?

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Did you flip the drive switch to reverse? :) Essentially, when you turn the transmission- there will be drag present. Variables are grass in the pulley making it grab the belt as well, binding in the support bearings- even the trans itself. I suppose too much belt tension, but that isn't a normal thing with these. Doesn't HRR stand for "Hard Rolling Reverse" system? Clean the belt and pulleys up and see if you see an improvement. The tin lizzy Toros can have similar issues as well.

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

Remember when you push forward the transmission does not engage. In reverse it does. The problem is usually the bushings need to be greased.
Sometimes you actually have to remove both wheels and grease the shaft and bushing. Check to see that the seals are not damaged.
I have modified my units and installed grease fittings.
Sometimes you can easy fix this with wd 40 and some red spray grease

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It does seem to be the bushings. The underside looks pretty clean and no amount of penetrating oil fixes the problem. Only slightly.

Also, this is the second HRR in a month that the belt is good and the trans is weak. Hold back on the handlebar and the wheels stop turning. The external mechanical parts look good.

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

The trans can cause the backward motion also, but I have cured many because of the bushing problem. As for being weak on speed I would try the adjustment for the drive clutch. Tighten the cable. A poor adjusted cable can look like a bad transmission. Also sometimes debris in that area can be a problem.
Most failed transmissions that I have seen was due to the oil leaking out.

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Rose, right again. Tightening the cable cured the forward motion problem, penetrating oil helped a little with the backward motion. Learning every day. Thanks all.

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