Edger troubleshooting - won't start

v1rtAugust 17, 2010

Hi folks. I'm not sure where to post this. The last time I should my edger was 2008. So it sat in my garage for 2 years. Today, I brought it out and tried starting it, it wouldn't. I spent one hour trying to figure out if I was missing something.

I pulled the sparks plug and I saw a wet tip. I am not sure if it's gasoline or oil but smells like gas. However, I don't know if that's bad.

The color yellow oil fill cap when I took it off, oil came out. So I quickly closed it again. There is another cap on top and I think that's where I put oil. I took it out and looked at the oil. The oil was still clear and full.

I looked at the area where it sat for 2 years, there was no evidence of gasoline nor oil spill.

I tried CHOKE for several minutes but the engine wouldn't start still. I tried without CHOKE, no luck. I didn't hear any slight chance of the engine trying to start itself. It would just g-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r, LOL, then dies when it doesn't rotate anymore. I did this for an hour but no success. :(

Where should I start troubleshooting? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Look at this pic, you see some evidence of gas' presence. I've already wipe it that's why it's a bit clean. Oh, after I cleaned it, I tried sanding it with fine sand paper. Then I clean/dried it again.

Is this sparks plug bad?

This is the front oil fill. This is the one I removed and oil came out. Is this where they put the oil? What is this for?

So what's the one on top where I always put oil? It does have an oil symbol on the cap.

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Ooops, repeating first paragraph due to incorrect word. I wrote "should" and should have been "used". Sorry...

Hi folks. I'm not sure where to post this. The last time I used my edger was 2008. So it sat in my garage for 2 years. Today, I brought it out and tried starting it, it wouldn't start. I spent one hour trying to figure out if I was missing something.


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Whole bunch of things I didn't like:

First, get a proper spark plug socket and wrench. You're going to damage either the spark plug, cylinder head fins, or both if you keep using a Crescent wrench.

Second, buy a new spark plug. May not be the problem, but it does appear to be either oil or gas fouled. You can always reuse the old plug, once you get engine running.

Third, if oil is running out of the yellow plug, you have way too much. The other screw plug with the dipstick is for convenience, but proper oil level is to almost over flowing from yellow plug and edger level. Drain out any excess. This may explain why plug looks oily.

Fourth, do you have spark? If you hold plug to cylinder fins you should be able to see a spark while you crank the engine. If not, it's possible the kill switch circuit is faulty. Remeber that to start engine, you must move speed control to at least "half throttle". At the very lowest speed, this stops the engine by shorting out the ignition coil.

Fifth, Remove the air cleaner cover and element. Is it wet with gasoline or oil? If so you will need to replace element. You can start and run engine without aircleaner for troubleshooting purposes, but be sure to replace with old element or new one before actually edging.

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Awesome! Why do I have 2 oil fill caps? Can I drain from any?

I'll buy a new spark later. I'll have to find my plug socket. I forgot I bought one last year.

About the half throttle, I did that yesterday.

I also checked cleaner and it was very clean.

Here is what I am going to do tonight:
1. Drain excess oil
2. Install new spark plug

Will engine still start even if spark plug is wet?

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You can drain from either one. Have someone hold a coffee can while you tilt edger. Two fillers are provided because the yellow pipe plug is hard to get at and hard to fill unless you have a long snout funnel. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the other filler has a dipstick.

Engine may start even with slightly wet plug, but it is harder to get spark to jump electrodes. That's why I suggested new plug.

Did you try to check for spark? Or you can hold wire and pull the rope to see if you get a jolt. Pull rope firmly, but at about half speed you would use for starting. You should feel a jolt every revolution. If not you have other electrical problems which need to be addressed.

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Vlr: I agree 100% with GG. always try to use the Proper Tool for the Application. Keep Your Crescent for tightening Garden Hose Assemblies . Crescents on Spark Plug Removal are a Bad Practice for numerous reasons. As for Oil addition use the top dip stick location , much more convenient . GG is correct again much to much oil within the Crankcase if what you say is true , probably the reason for the plug condition . Use the Dip Stick for accurate oil level measurement , I would thought you would have checked this before removal of the bottom yellow cap lol . As for Drain point like on your tractor scenario there should be a drain "PLUG" at a low spot on the crank case (oil reservoir) area. If not you will have to tip the Edger forward to drain via the Yellow Cap location , which I would find very disappointing . As for the Spark Plug , yes it is saturated with what appears fuel & oil residue and excessive carbon . Before you install a new plug spray some carb cleaner in the spark plug hole . Also ensure you have fresh fuel in the tank with a liberal dose of concentrated fuel conditioner and cleaner . If you have any dry gas for treatment for water removal within the system use a little in fuel also since not all cleaners have methyl hydrate within them . I would remove the air cleaner for initial starting attempt after approx 30 minutes of adding the fresh fuel formula . Check the filter and ensure no oil and or water and gas contamination if so clean properly as per the Operating Manual Recommendations. Once you get the unit running let it warm up to allow the fuel treatments to do their job . In the future ensure to use stabil for storage and fuel treatment above for annual startup purposes , it's money well spent in prevention with ethnol fuel in your Neck of The Woods Bro :)

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ewalk. I bought Stabil last week. I haven't used it yet. I am not sure how much to put in my tractor and now on this edger.

I will follow your instructions. I will keep you posted once I get home.

Thanks guys! :D

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OH, how much stabil should I put? The gas container in my edger is only 7" wide by 6" by almost 2" high.

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Vlr: It depends on the Type you have. I only use Red , have heard that the Marine Grade (Blue)is better and more concentrated. Just review the info on the bottle . I have always used a few ounces within my Snow-blower and Lawnmower and Chainsaws and 4 ounces within my Snowmobile .

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ok. I just got home. :(

Anyways, I bought the things I need. Please let me know which once I should use. I bought from 2 places.

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I took out the air filter and started draining the gas. I tilted the mower more than 180 degrees to get all the old gas out. However, another liquid came out of the hole where the air filter is. I think it's oil that came out. Is that ok?

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This is the hole where another liquid was coming out when I tilted the edger more than 180 degrees. I quickly stopped. Right now, there is a liquid(looks like oil) maybe about an mm high, really few. Should I dry it with ear buds?

These are the pictures after I've removed the metal housing base of air filter. The picture just above shows the metal housing base with 2 screws still intact(total 4 screws though).

I tried starting the engine by pulling the rope and while the spark plug is out, I didn't see any spark. This is using the old spark plug.

By the way, should I also spray carb cleaner on that hole on the first picture?

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YAY!!! My edger is up and running!!! :D

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Vlr: 1st put a new spark plug into the plug wire and pull over the engine with the plug grounded against the cylinder head cooling fin. Check for spark , you may need assistance or a large pair of vice grips to secure the plug gently against the fin . If you have spark (bright blue) your ok there . Next You should have drained the gas from the fuel tank from the gas line off the tank to the carb , no problem your still learning . You have drained oil from the crankcase into the carb when you inverted the edger for gas drainage , so the carb cleaner addition into the Venturi (1st or second picture Hole that you described) .
As far as Starting Fluid I normally only use as last resort since many do not have any lubrication properties and can damage carb diaphragm and seals etc. The Carb Cleaner will help in starting itself since it is flammable . However from what I see the Johnsen's Product would be the best since it is recommended for Diesel Engines and only spray into the Spark Plug Hole not the Carb . Once you get this engine running from what I advised in my previous note , please ensure to properly drain your oil once the engine is warmed . Did you find a drain plug within the crankcase area similar to your yard tractor ? Last but not least ensure to spray 1/4 can of the carb cleaner and 1 ounce of Stabil within the fresh fuel since I don't see any Dry gas or Liquid concentrated fuel cleaner in your illustration , I think your also have serious moisture carry over from bad fuel during the 2 yr storage. Be patient and wear safety glass's when working on this project the chemicals are corrosive , wash your hands accordingly lol . This may take a few attempts to clear the water , debris and varnish from within the carb circuits . As previously advised let the fuel once treated sit in the tank for at least 30 minutes prior to attempting to start the engine via the Quick start or Carb Cleaner spray into the Spark Plug Hole . Good Luck keep us posted .

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ewalk, check my short post before your post. :D I got it up and running.

See the video from the link below.

Thanks everyone for helping me fix the problem! :D

Here is a link that might be useful: My edger video

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Vlr: Good on You Dude ! Review the last info I sent you , I have a feeling you will be in need of it's content sooner rather than later . Did you recieve my Email ? Well Coffee's Made , have a Great Day ! :)

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I don't see any new emails.

Thanks for the help! :D

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Good job. And by the way, nice photos and video.

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Thanks ewalk! I checked my email again but I really don't see any new email. Where will it be coming from? Can you please send me again?

Thanks also lbpod! :D

By the way, I'm so happy to use my edger again. HEHEHE! :D

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No Biggy Vlr. it may have been recieved as Junk Mail lol . I have had some come in as such . The Main thing is your up and running . Welcome to the Forum and Enjoy !

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