Can anyone recommend radio headphones to use while mowing?

clermont_ohioAugust 29, 2006

I would like to get a set of radio headphones for lawn mowing. Right now I use an old walkman on my belt with ear buds and insulating earmuffs over those, and it's a huge pain. I'd like a set with insulating ear protection and with tuner, etc., all in the head. I wear a hat and glasses, if that matters. Durability is more important that reception and reception is more important than style.

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I have seen a pair of PELTOR am/fm muffs at home depot, all self contained in the muffs. around $50.

Myself I have a pair of sennheiser active noise canceling headphones, they do not completly cover the ear, but they reduce the the noise from my honda mower by 45% I use these with my ipod. try amazon for the peltors.

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I just use a cheap ear muff type headset and they work great. The ear muffs look like gun shooters hearing protection and completely cover the ear and block out most noise and give good radio reception.

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I think a pair of open-air headphones is what you need. It is small, lightweight, and provides accurate sounds. Some models even have convertible bands that can be used over the head or around the neck. There are a couple of brands and models of this type of radio headphones available in the market and on the Internet.

Here is a link that might be useful: PickyGuide

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

I bought a pair from Radio Shack. I noticed I was just turning the radio higher to overcome the noise from the lawn mower.
Recently I bought the peltor which had the radio built in.
Hmm I think it was 22db attenuation. It works fine except the am/fm radio is not as good as the Radio Shack.
My peltor has the option to use a CD player also.I got The blue Racing one.And I am satisified.

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I bought the Bell & Howell Insulated AM/FM Headphones because they were cheap. They worked well enough in my living room. This summer we'll find out how they work while mowing the lawn.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bell & Howell Insulated AM/FM Headphones

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quickrick(East coast USA)

This is a cool idea guys.hash it out! QuickRick

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I'd say wearing a set of radio head-phones while using a walk-behind mower is akin to gabbing on a cell-phone while driving yer car, and eating a Big Mac, and drinking a coke at the same time!
OOOOPPPS, now where in heck did my toes go----??

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Unlike driving with distractions, the risk to others is fairly minimal when walking behind a lawn mower on my own property.

My objective is to listen to my favorite radio show (Click and Clack) and mow the lawn before the heat of the day but not before the neighbors wake up.

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