Anyone know what to remove glass cloudiness with?

PKponder TX(7b)December 16, 2012

My husband is a great collector of vintage stuff and came home with a plastic tote full of filthy old bottles that someone had dug up and gathered for years, then decided it was time to purge them. I have spent the whole day soaking in hot dish water, scrubbing with various bottle brushes and steel wool on the outsides. I have most of the grunge out but many are cloudy and a straight vinegar soak and scrub isn't working to remove this. Any ideas on what I can use? This needs to be a soak because it appears that the cloudiness is inside the bottles.

I like shiny bottles :-)

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I have heard dishwasher detergent will help remove it.We do not have a dish washer so never tried it.What is it they advertise on TV where the two sisters kind of get into it? One had cloudy glasses.

We use a product called Stain Bully on our shower to help remove the hard water spots we have here. It is helping slowly. And then some times glass just turns and nothing you can do to remove it. Do be careful with steel wool. It can scratch glass.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Thanks! I thought about dishwasher detergent and may try running them through the dishwasher.

I didn't realize that steel wool would scratch the glass, I will resort to more elbow grease and no steel wool :-)

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hmmmmm, I've used several different methods that worked on some and not on others. Salt and ice cubes, swish around. I used bb's a few times with salt and once I broke the glass but another time it worked. I've used denture cleaner soaking for a few days and sometimes that worked but sometimes not. I bought some of that Oxy Clean dishwasher booster but it didn't work on what I wanted it to. I haven't yet bought that blue stuff that is used to clean coffee pots. When I was working it seemed to work really good soaking over night. If you find something that works everytime please let us all know! Good luck! Oh, and don't use steel wool because I did and it made a million scratches that made the glass useless.

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You could try Lime-A-Way. I have also used a little bit of Draino inside of cloudy vases. Nothing helps if the glass is actually corroded and etched tho.

And you can use steel wool on glass, years ago I had a mirror that was covered with hair spray residue and I asked at a glass shop how to take it off and they told me to use super-fine steel wool. It worked and did not scratch it. And use it wet.

Superfine wet-dry sandpaper works to smooth the edge of a piece of glass that you have cut, but I don't know how it would do on a glass surface. It sure puts a mirror finish on metal! But you have to use the very finest you can get and use it wet. Polishes stone, too.


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PKponder TX(7b)

Thanks for all of the suggestions!

They are getting cleaner but may just be etched like Sandy mentioned. Some of them are such pretty colors,clear with hints of blue, green and purple. My favorite is an old Milk of Magnesia bottle, clear aqua or greenish and the Worcestershire bottles have a purple tint. There was even one plain black crockery bottle that I think was for liquor but was not all that old. I plan to try denture cleaner, ice and salt and maybe even the drano. The other products did help some but there is a lot of cloudiness inside the bottles and some rust stains from having the metal lids on for so long. I tried the Zep version of calcium and rust remover but that had no effect that I could see.

I have no idea what to do with them, maybe a bottle tree or just a display shelf.


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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

With our hard water I have to deal with this issue a lot. My suggestions are:

#1- Denture cleaning tablets, I buy the big box from Sam's. These are the best thing in the world for removing residues and stains. Clean container well and set in the sink, fill halfway with warm water, drop in tablets and then fill almost to the top. The liquid will bubble over.
You might have to repeat this, allow container to dry between treatment.

2. Plain old white vinegar, but I warm it. Warming seems to help get the chemical reaction started.

3. If I must use an abrasive I first try plain white rice in water, shaken vigorously. This is great for bottles. As a last resort I use a plastic fine textured pad meant for furniture refinishing, use it wet. Find these in the paint stripper/furniture finishes aisle at most big box DIY stores. I think the brand I have at the moment is 3M.

4. Never use steel wool, even the fine stuff scratches.

Good luck!

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