Uneven cut from an HRR216

Redtenchu(7)August 21, 2013

I have an HRR216 that is cutting unevenly. I didn't notice this problem until I moved to an area with Hybrid Bermuda and have been cutting much lower (1-1.5inch). I am measuring 1/4 inch difference from side to side at the deck base to the pavement. I have even wear on all 4 wheels and all set on the same notch. I don't see a way to remove the wheel assembly and make an adjustment. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and what you did to resolve it? I have considered buying new wheels (no wear) for the short side to raise it up a bit?.... or adding something like tape or (??) to raise it? I'm at a loss and would like to hear suggestions or ideas.

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I know not a thing about cutting Bermuda- an uneven cut many times is dealing with air flow. First off , you really should be measuring from the blade tip rather than the housing to be accurate. The deck and blades should be clean. Specifically i can tell you that some like the quality of cut using the bagger blade or simply the existing lower blade. I had a person this summer who had a similar concern. She wondered if her blades should be replaced rather than sharpened. My reply was they looked nearly new and should sharpen and balance up well. In the end, I ended up replacing the blades for her to be satisfied with her quality of cut.

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Thank you for the tips, Just to be clear the Hrr216 is a self-propel walk behind mower. I have measured from the blade tips to the cement and still get 1/4 inch difference from the left to right side, rotated the blades to the opposite side and get the same measurement. I may have bent something without knowing.... Doh!

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