Lawnboy and Kohler

mowernutAugust 15, 2011

Does anyone have any experience with, or know anything about the Kohler engines Lawnboy is using on their 21" mowers? I saw on the engine itself they are made in China, but was wondering about their durability/reliablility.

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They really aren't my favorite. I put them in the same class as the other "Chondas" out there rather than that good old Kohler quality. They stepped up with these as Tecumseh went away and are a relatively new endeavor for Kohler.The XT series seem to me to OK enough though. There have been a couple of issues since they've been introduced that hopefully are fixed. Personally, I would buy a Honda GCV or a Briggs ahead of these. This is speaking from a serviceability standpoint. Time will tell how durable they really are.

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There isn't decades of history on those engines as there is with Briggs and other big name motors. That said I suspect that it will be running long after the other non-engine components start to fail on that Lawnboy. I believe that engine is used on $250 to $300 Lawnboys, so you should expect that the mower could last a decade with care. Beyond that and controls, wheels, transmissions, etc., start to fail.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

I've had both Snapper and LawnBoy with Briggs, which is OK but underpowered, particularly the Snapper.
Sadly, our nation seems to specialize on the cheap, leaving the better quality to the Japanese(Kawasaki and Honda)...
But, recently I have noticed improvements in the engines and their the high priced range anyway.

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tooltime79(Midwest US)

Tecumseh is the best engine Lawn Boy ever had. I don't know a lot about these Chinese made Kohlers but I'm sure they beat the Chinese made Hondas. Stay away from any Honda. Overrated junk.

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Sorry to reply late, but I went onto the LB site after years of not looking as the 2 strokes faded away. Was suprised to see all Kohlers. Lawnboy is lost...changing too much for me, I guess they cannot find their way anymore. I agree, they will not be the Kohlers of the past especially if made in China. Especially not the Kohler quality found on Gravelys and other tractors.

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