Tecumseh H35-45776Y leaking oil in breather

timreynolds8292August 25, 2008

I have a Tecumseh 3.5hp horizontal shaft engine (H35-45776Y) with breather tube (rear) terminating in the air filter box. The problem is this breather tube leaks oil and the air filter gets pretty clogged - so much that hard to start when engine hot. So I took the valve cover off to see what I could see .. I saw a little black screen about 1" x 1" x 1/8" pretty wet with oil. Behind it is a little metal plate with small holes (about the size of hole punch holes).. and about 1/4" behind this plate is another plate with one small hole going into the engine. So, wondering how to fix the issue or where the problem really is - if inside the engine compartment not sure how to fix. Also, the little plate with the holes and the plate about 1/4" behind it seem to be pressed into the engine block. Hoping someone may recognize this issue and give me a tip or two. Also, in this engine diagram I have I see a Breather tube grommet - but it isn't even on the same side of the valve cover as the breather tube so a bit confused if drawing just wrong or if I'm missing some part here. My breather tube connects into the Valve Cover and has what looks like a grommet directly on back side where tube connects.. Please help.. Thanks

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It looks to be the same breather they've had for a while from the pic anyways. I think the drawing leaves something to be desired. My guess is that the inner breather piece is just stuck there at the gasket surface. You could have a defective breather body I suppose. Verify ref # 307 seal is in place before going further. Other causes of the breather pushing oil are :too much or wrong oil, over speed, worn/broken oil ring, air leak in the crankcase -like a missing dipstick seal (common, btw), wrong operating angle etc. Was the unit tipped perchance?

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