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lpritchett(z7 ATL)August 29, 2011


We are in Atlanta and have a very weedy lawn, consisting of a little fescue, a little strayed bermuda, and a bunch of weeds. My husband has decided to kill the lawn and start over. We rounded-up today and he wants to seed at the end of Sept.

Have these questions:

We have a med-large tiller and were considering running it over once. Is this overkill? We could probably borrow the neighbor's aerator attachment.

He was told to kill the grass/weeds w/ round up, wait til late Sept, lay down peat and seed fescue over that. Does that sound like a good plan? We haven't really found peat, but we have found other compost mixes and topsoil.

Finally, my main concern is the fescue. I am not sure if it can survive the sunnier parts of our yard, which make up about 50% of the yard and I would consider full sun, maybe 4-5 hrs. Atlanta sun can be brutal and we endure frequent periods of drought.

From what I have researched here, it seems the best options may lie in a hybridized bermuda or zoysia sod, but he wants to try a seeding route. Is there any type of blended seed for sun/shade that will work?

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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Mixing warm season and cool season grasses won't work. See what your neighbors have, and plant based off of that.

Don't till. Aeration is fine. Most grass does best in full sun, however, fescue can handle shade. I believe full sun is roughly 8 hours per day of sun.

The biggest thing is temperature. Cool season needs night time temperatures below 70. Yes, it can handle higher lows but becomes much more disease prone and such.

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