planting bermuda with tall fescue

cats_meow_2008August 14, 2008

Hello to everyone,

I have a tall fescue lawn. I have zero weeds or other problems except right at the curb of my lawn it gets so very hot from the curb and the street. I have tried to keep it as moist as possible but the grass along that area dies down to brown from the 100 plus days we have here.

I am wondering if I can plant a bermuda or some other type of seed along that area that will with stand the high heat reflection from the pavement.

thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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If you do, the Bermuda will spread and take over, and that will be the end of the Fescue in the Summer months. You can over seed every fall with Fescue to have something green in the fall, winter, and spring but once the weather gets warm it will do the Fescue in. Another problem is the Bermuda will not look very good when it does come in because it had to compete for water and nutrients from the Fescue.

Wished I had a better answer for you, but I don't honestly think Bermuda is what you are wanting. How about a wild flower or heat tolerant flower bed planting or something like that instead? Lantana is a beautiful flower that thrives on heat, or crepe myrtles.

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You are so kind and sweet. I don't know that my husband would let me plant a flower bed along there.I do love Lantant I have some in a window box that is really pretty and crepe myrtle is wonderful, he might not squawk to much if it was something very low growing. I don't know but at any rate I did not think about the bermuda competing with the fescue. We do have Trugreen Chemlawn take care of our lawn and actually they are wanting to come spray tomorrow. Well, fertilize and weed control but, I am not going to let them cause it is so stressed anyway.

If not Bermuda would there be another grass type that could be put there that may work?
Or if I go with the bermuda is there a kind that would not look to bad and how would I go about keeping the competition down with the tall fescue?
thanks so much

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Cats, there are very few things that can stop Bermuda like very cold weather, shade, and Round Up. There are some chemical suppressors on the market but they are expensive.

A couple of more thoughts that crepe myrtle brought to mind. Plant crepe myrtyle of some other type of shade plant like trees along the street. The shade will cool the area and allow fescue to grow.

To grow Bermuda, you will really need a barrier of some kind to contain it like a side walk or a shade barrier it cannot cross. Well almost because if you use a common seeded variety where the seeds are fertile, the wind will breech the barrier and carry the seeds.

Sorry I am running out of ideas for you. Zoysia is another choice, but it is like Bermuda, it spreads and is aggressive, just on a slower time table.

Here is the real problem with the idea of using Bermuda or even Zoysia. They have completely different maintenance schedules and look nothing like Fescue or the cool season grasses. Bermuda or Zoysia will stick out like a transvestite in a Texas Cowboy bar. Once one of those queers shows up, more will follow and you have to find another beer joint, or convert. :>)

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I wonder if western wheatgrass would work. It would look a bit different, because it's more blue than green, but it's a cool season grass so it would be green at the same time as the fescue. It's not real easy to get to germinate, but if you can get some started, it should fill in bare spots.

It's very heat and drought tolerant and stays green with little water even in desert conditions.

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hahahaha............. Texas you are so funny!!! A Texas Cowboy pretty cool.. I am thinking still along the Bermuda line cause like I said it is right at the curb. I am going to do some looking around I guess to see if I can find a turf type bermuda that has a thinner blade. I don't know I am kind of lost when it comes to that. I use Southern Gold seed now for the tall fescue. the wheatgrass probably would not work because of the color. I realize it will look different but the grass that dies looks awful.
Thanks you guys so much for the help
You are so very kind.
Guess I am on my own

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Cats, any Bermuda grass will be a much finer blade than Fescue. Besides you have all fall, winter, and spring as it is way too late to plant Bermuda seed.

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Your right I had read that somewhere. I will do some research I guess and see what I can come up with..

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Cats if you can find a variety called Yukon Bermuda seed, get it now or order for spring delivery. It is the most cold tolerant variety of Bermua there is.

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Thanks so much you are so kind and helpful.. I will look for it

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