Spreader calibration

scott_nadeauAugust 18, 2007

Hi all - I'm very concerned that my Scotts Speedy Green 3000 broadcast spreader is way out of calibration. I can't find any instructions on the Scotts site for calibration. I assume there must be some way to fill the hopper with water, pull the trigger and time how fast the water comes out with a stopwatch - and calibrate from the results.

Does such a method exist? I have blown so much money on this project I really can't see going out and buying a 'better' spreader. But I'm at the point where I really don't trust this thing...

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subywu(z5 neOH KBG)

Not sure about the SG3000 broadcast spreader but my Speedy Green 3000 drop spreader has calibration settings on the pamphlet that is included with the unit. You just set it at certain dial setting and then make sure a calibration line at the chute lines up.

You might want to check out SG3000 literature in the stores to see if it has anything on calibration.

My Earthgreen is off the mark as well. I've just adjusted for this by setting a number a couple of ticks smaller.

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From another board:

SpeadyGreen 3000 calibration.

1) Adjust the Micrometer Rate Setting Barrel to "#2".
2) Squeesze the trigger against the handle.
3) The Calibration Line Engraved on the top of the shut-off plate (this is the black plastic piece that opens to let out the fertilzer, look closely, there is a line on it) should be flush with the back edge of the hopper opening.
4) To change alignment you will need a small wrench. Follow the cable from the Micrometer Rate Setting Barrel to the base of the hopper, the cable goes through an "Adjusting Bolt". While still squeezing the trigger, and the Micrometer set on "2", turn the Adjusting Bolt until the Calibration Line is flush with the back edge of the hopper opening.

Good luck!

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Thank you Paulinct!

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You're welcome! I had the exact same question earlier this year and was glad to have found that. Curious whether it worked for you - I have heard some folks complain about inaccuracy of the Scotts broadcast spreaders since they changed from metal to plastic, but can't tell whether that is a "they don't make them like they used to" kind of complaint, or something more substantive.


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Hi Paulinct - I set my dial to 2 and the calibration line was off. I increased to one click past 3 to make it perfect. I'll go back and adjust the nut before applying any material. Hope this helps...

Oh - and thanks very much for the info!

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Most fertilizer bags have a spread rate, like 20 lbs. per 5,000 sq. ft. That means 1 lb. will treat 250 sq. ft.

So, you can measure off a 250 sq. ft. area and adjust your spreader to the setting you think is correct. Apply the 1 lb. of fertilizer to the 250 sq. ft. area.

If you run out of fertilizer before you finished, then the setting is too high. If you have fertilizer left, your setting is too low.

It may take a couple of 250 sq. ft. patches to get the right setting, but it's a layman's way of doing it. Start with a low setting and go up (that way you won't burn up your lawn).

Once you find the right setting, find another common spreader on the package that uses the same setting. Most likely you will be able to use that spreader's number for your spreader on other products.

You may want to do this on a sidewalk or driveway, that way you can sweep up the granules and reuse them on the lawn.

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