Commercial Walk Behind Mower

chuckmccall(z7 NC)September 28, 2011

I have a small (less than 1/2 acre) but steep yard. I currently have a 21" self propelled bagging mower purchased at a retail store. I have been having problems with my knees and it has become very difficult to mow my yard. Even though the mower is self propelled, I feel like I'm doing a lot of the work pushing it and man-handling it to get it turned around and in and out of tight spots.

A riding mower is not an option. I tried one a few years ago and ended up flipping it over!

I'm wondering how a commercial walk behind would work with my yard. I've found a used 33" at a good price. It has five forward speeds and reverse.

I have no experience with this type mower. Are they easier to handle on a yard like mine? I do have some tight areas in my yard.


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If a 21" mower is difficult for you, I cannot imagine a larger, heavier walk behind as an improvement. Is your current mower front or rear wheel drive? Having used several 21" and 22" rear wheel drive mowers, I believe the the only easier method to mow grass might be to hire someone else.

I use a 48" belt drive, and while it does mow a lot of grass very quickly, it requires a substantial nudge once in a while to point it where you want it to go. A hydrostatic model would be less strenuous, but even then there will be a certain amount of effort required.

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What he said. The commercial 'walk-behinds' are much heavier machines. Let us know exactly what you now have and maybe somebody can think of something better.

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chuckmccall(z7 NC)

My current mower is a run of the mill, front wheel drive, high rear wheel Craftsman with bagger. I used to have a basic non-self propelled mower than seemed easier because it was lighter. At least it was easier when I could go side to side. Some parts of my yard are narrow and I have to go up and down. In those spots, the self propelled is better.

I guess I was hoping for something I could literally "walk behind" with little effort on my part :)

I have recently hired someone to mow my yard but haven't been real happy with the results. My wife says I'm too much of a perfectionist.

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There is your problem...front wheel drive craftsman....NO good.

You need a good rear wheel driver mower....and NOT personal pace or similar system (they stink on hills).

Snapper makes the best rear wheel drive on the market...the design is simple and has been around for years and cannot be beat. It is a differential and will help on the turns. A good rear wheel drive mower will actually make your life easier, and they actually help move you up the hill.

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Forgot to add...if your lawn is small...21" is fine. The commercial walk behinds are beasts. If you have knees issues , lighter is better. Would definitely not go the commercial "scag" type route.

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Why do you say PP is bad on hills. I have had one for 10+ years. Its a simple design. It goes as fast as I walk...up or down hills. I'd reccomend the poster try one. My recently deceased father in law has a snapper. I admit is a sturdier though heavier machine. It feels build but is not a great mulcher. Either way I'd stick with dealer models.

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I have PP and regular rear drive. The PP does not pull you up the hill like a regular rear drive. I much prefer the assist it provides me. . PP is better suited for flat lawns. The poster mentioned about bad knees, so anything that assists him the better.

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A 33" mower strikes me as being way too big for a .5 acre lot. You would find that large size would be a big disadvantage when cutting around hedges, trees, bushes, etc. Not to mention a hassle to horse around. Why do you want to spend extra money on a commercial grade mower? The semi-pressure lubrication used on commercial mower engines will not be of any benefit. The added durability of the unit will never be used by a homeower. Just get a RWD Toro Super Recycler and get back to mowing.

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