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fallSeptember 11, 2011

Any suggestions on how to drain a carb bowl without removing the bowl. On a LB, removal of the bowl appears to be lacking the room to actually do. Is there a way to add a bowl drain system like I have on my snowblower and edger?

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Fall: I would be surprised if there was not a set screw or drain plug on the bowl ? Perhaps Orange can assist further. Since you did not forward any info as to model or yr.

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No drain on the bowl....Duraforce Gold Pro

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Running the engine until it stalls should be sufficient.

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Won't the gas in the bowl foul the carb after it sits for several months?

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How is the bowl held onto the carb? Does it have a short bolt? If so, does the bolt go up thru the bowl into the body of the carb?
The Briggs and Tecumseh engine carb bowls have the bolt, and if ya loosen it, the fuel should run out. Of course, a fuel shut-off valve should be installed in the fuel line from the tank, if gravity feed. Last year, i parked two lawn tractors in an unheated garage, without putting any gas saver in them, and they both started up this Spring.

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I'm thinking that if the bowl was removed, you could add something to it for a drain. Whether you drain or not- use a good oil with a stabilizer in it or use an additional stabilizer for storage. Running it until it dies doesn't get the carb completely empty.

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Add a cap full of MMO to the gas tank and run it until it starts missing. Then dump a few more oz. of MMO into the tank. I dose all my OPE fuel with MMO. I have had way less starting and running issues since I started using MMO and fuel shut offs.

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Well either MMO or Star*tron fuel treatment since I just started up the snowmobile and snowblower after treating with Star*tron and both fired on the 1st pull after 7 mths storage , no priming or fusing around . I have used both Products and agree with Andy's recommendations.

Note: Just an update the Canadian Tire Supply of Star*tron has indicated approx $2:00 more for the small 8 Ounce bottle than within Michigan. Still a bargain since it treats up to 156 IMP. Gallons . Enough for a few yrs of small engine fuel treatments lol .

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So you add the treatment and leave it alone? Do I leave the fuel shutoff open or closed. I read a while back if you leave the valve open, gas will evaporate and keep refilling the carb. And if you close it, it will evaporate causing the gumming issue?

Rusty, the carb bowl is held on with 4 screws on the outside bolt in the center you can loosen and drain.

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Those pesky imp gallons!

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I use the shutoff to run the carb dry after every use. The operator's manual for my 20 yr old Tecumseh says to do this when using 10 % ethanol gas. I happened on the procedure by myself so now I feel vindicated. Whether the mower sits for 6 days or 6 months in an unheated shed, it starts without drama. I use MMO in hopes that it helps. It seems to be helping.

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Fall , as long as you add an ounce within your fresh full prior to storage and run the engine briefly it really does not matter . However for Safety I always shut off or drain full from any unit without a shutoff valve. Otherwise just shut the manual valve and your good to go.

Tom : Yeah remember well seeing 7 Gal (US) advertized back as a teenager and thinking what they increased the size of the 5 Gal Gas Cans ? Roflmbo !

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1. Always use fuel stabilizer in your gas can in addition to the stabilizer in most 2-cycle oils. The best all-purpose stabilizer is Sta-Bil Marine for Ethanol Fuels (blue concentrate). I use it in everything with a spark plug at my house, cars and all.
2. Always add Marvel Mystery Oil to your mix in addition to the mix oil, at least 2 oz/gal.
3. At storage time, run it out of gas and park it somewhere out of the weather.
4. Next Spring, add fuel and mow.

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