Best gas powered leaf blower?

robarSeptember 24, 2013

I hope it's okay to ask this on the lawn mower forum.......can anyone recommend a good leaf blower? Gas about Makita? Any comments will be appreciated.

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It's hard to recommend a blower without knowing your needs and size of property. Do you want a hand held or back pack? What is your budget?

I myself have a Redmax EB7001RH back pack blower that I've owned since June of 2005, it's since been replaced with a newer model. I have not had a bit of trouble with it and still looks and works like new.
I have .39 acres with 31 deciduous trees and does a good job blowing them.

I based my decision of buying the Redmax brand after seeing what most landscape workers were using on their routes in my area. I paid 460.00 dollars for it back in 2005.

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If you have a lot of leaves and yard debris or a large driveway to clear I recommend buying the top of the line backpack blower made by either Husqvarna or Redmax. Husqvarna bought out Redmax so the blowers are identical but for color and other slight ergonomic changes. They kept the Redmax design in other words. Redmax was known for being the best in most circles and for good reason. So go get a Husqvarna 580BFS or a RedMax EBZ8500. Holy cow these things are powerful and fun to use! Air flow in pipe 907.6 cfm, Air speed 206.2 mph. That kind of volume and speed translates into quick work of the toughest clean up jobs. My Husqvarna 580BFS will blow full size solid bricks around easily. I have even tumbled a full size cinder block. It can be attenuated to a gentle purr for delicate jobs. They are fun to use. Heck any more power and they'd be called a jetpack. Bought mine from Pantano Power Equipment. See the link below. Super fast shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantano Power Equipment

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Gents beware of this Robar Jerk , he posts numerous threads on duplicate forums and never replys or answers any questions. I think he has posted over a dozen without a word of requested response , me thinks hes just yanking our collective chains.

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So the appropriate response would be...

Yes absolutely get that makita and report back with a full review! ;)

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Yeah....Roflmbo... but don't hold your breath for any reply . After 23 posts and many on duplicate threads this moron has never replied back as requested with additional information or even a half hearted Thankyou !

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It's unfortunate, I wrote very detailed and amusing breakdown of the original post and why it was poised as it was/what responses they were trying to illicit by doing so. But then I had to out my daughter down and forgot that for some reason, only with Gweb, on my current/prior iPhone after typing said hilarious response If you open/switch to a prior viewed page, lock your phone for even a second,then realize the horrer of your asinine actions, frantically open your phone and go the Gweb page foolishly hoping something miraculously changed from the last time you did this but inevitably cast your eyes on nothing but a blank message box flipping you off!

Someone needs to get a draft save type function running here with the quickness. Many a time my sage like wisdom has been cast down the toilet because of this anomaly of the inter web. Only like once or maybe twice has it stopped me from posting something somewhat poorly constructed that may have been emotionally motivated and maybe even slightly inappropriate. But again that was only like twice... And they deserved whatever it was I typed.

How bout them Cards???

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Go Redsox lol . Felt bad about Detroits Starter , gets pulled after a questionable ball four and the that's all she wrote baby !.

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Yep, they just don't have the manigerial trust nor skill we do.

We will atone for the 04 series, I can almost guarantee it! ;)

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Have Buddies in Michigan that are crying in the collective Beers. Yeah should be a great Series . Wedneday Night Live on the Big Screen !

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There is a pattern to this ewalk "dude'.....he is the forum troll......stirring up trouble. I don't know this dude from Adam, but he continues to follow all my posts and give critical comments to my questions. Maybe the site administrator would like to hear about his harassment!

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Try responding back in a timely fashion when requested . This information given is free the least you could do is respect these courteous peoples time accordingly Jerk !

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The husqvarna 125B blower blows great and it a perfect blower for homeowner and is heavy duty as long you follow directions and use good quality gas and oil. I recommend using 89 or higher octane with two cycle oil intented fo air cooled engine. I bought the at ebay for $125.00 great deal and amazon price is okay, but they are cheapers one out their. This leaf blower definitely is #1 leaf blower for 2014. Love it. You can read the review here and also get big discount:

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How noble of you to report back over 1 year later.
Myself and others wasted our time giving you advice and you didn't have the decency to answer any post. The only time you responded was to criticize member ewalk for telling the truth on your lack of responsiveness.

ewalk was right, you are a jerk and hopefully other members reading this thread will not respond to any of your posts.

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