Husqvarna 5521RS Backup Problems

erl_sSeptember 17, 2007

I have a Husqvarna 5521rs self propelled walk behind. Used it 2 seasons now and have a continuing problem when I want to stop and pull it backwards. The drive mechanism sticks and the rear wheels lock. Sometimes if I just push it forward it will unlock but 50% of the time it will not and it takes 3 or 4 trys to get it unlocked. Sometimes one wheel will lock and when I push it forward that wheel will unlock and the other will lock. VERY FRUSTRATING. I have had it to the dealer 3 times and he takes it apart and cleans it and it works great for maybe 2 hours of mowing then right back to locking up again. Replaced belt and that didn't help at all. I regularily pull the to cover off and clean it to make sure there is no buildup of grass around the beld drive. Is this a problem with all of these mowers or is there something wrong with mine????

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Is the problem caused by grass etc. building up between parts 49 & 32? If so, I'd consider that to be a design flaw.
I can't tell from the pic, but could you wrap part# 31 with a layer of tape to make a "skirt" and close up the gap?
Not sure if that's the problem though.

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Thanks for the clear parts breakdown. Better than the user manual. I have pulled the mechanism apart a number of times and it is fairly clean, just a little dust. The pawl (45)and spring (46) look kind of weak but should work if not broken. The local dealer has also taken it apart a couple times and finds no problem. What is really strange is that it appears that no one else is having the problem and the mower is rated very good by comsumers. I'm a little reluctant to tape the seal to the gear a I think the two have to move independent of each other???

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I have the Craftsman model that is exactly the same. I have had the same problem, I replaced the drive belt (a serious pain!) and that did not help. What did help was taking apart the drive handle (#10 in the diagram). Be careful to note how things go back together, there are 2 parts to that mechanism and after reassembling it things ran fine. I still get the one wheel lock but a slight push forward fixes the problem. Hope this helps. BTW my mower is about 4-5 years old with a 5.5 honda engine and blade break clutch.

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Thanks for the suggestion on the drive handle (# 10 in diagram). I took it apart checked everything, put it back together again and this Husky has never worked as good as it does now. Even the variable forward speed works better !!!! Still get an ocasional wheel lock but like you said a small bump forward and it releases. Apparently the drive handle assembly was pinched or not properly placed together from the factory or the dealer.
Thank you, thank you, Thank you.
Erl S.

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