Hot Snapper lawnmower

jimjulianSeptember 1, 2011


A while back I posted a problem with my Snapper/Tecumseh

lawnmower. I got the help I needed. I ordered a OEM float that solved the problem.Thanks.

Now I have found another problem.

After running about ten or fifteen minutes, the mower heats up and begins a gradual loss of power. Eventually, even a small tuft of crab grass will cause the mower to stall. At that point the mower is very hot to the touch, even at the rope housing. If I pull the filter, the carburetor seems to have a wisp of smoke. The mower uses oil. Seems I have too top up the oil tank every other mow.

I wonder if the oil is circulating through the engine and keeping the engine cool.

If that is not the problem, maybe the rings need to be replaced.

Anyone have any ideas?


Jim Julian

2001 Snapper walk-behind

Tecumseh engine

TVS105 53122G

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Pertaining to the running hot. My first guess for your engine would be a partially sheared flywheel key. Before you tear it down, look at the hose that comes from the breather. Any signs of oil coming from that hose or if there is any sign of oil seepage from the top- then replace the breather kit and dipstick seals. That could be part of where your oil is going. Another thing to watch is a headgasket that is starting to fail. It won't directly create much oil loss like an OHV engine's, but will contribute to power loss. It wouldn't be a bad idea to pull the head, decarbonize & replace the gasket anyways.

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Could be the fan can't get air over the fins. Check the cooling shroud and fins to make sure they are free of leaves, grass, nests, etc.

Having to top up the oil after alternate mowings is a big oil loss. If you were burning that much oil you would have a plume of smoky exhaust. Check the oil level on level ground to be sure it isn't overfilled.

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These are good suggestions. If they don't work out or you want to play it safe, you could try taking it to a local dealer or shop. They should know the root cause of the problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapper Lawn Mower Dealer Locator

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