New Bermuda Sod HELP !!!!!!!

DeputyDawgAtlAugust 11, 2014

Two weeks ago my entire yard was re-landscaped. Included in this was a new underground irrigation system and bermuda sod.

The landscaper did everything including programming the irrigation timers.

When installed it looked great !! The backyard and side still look amazing. The front yard is a different story. 4 days later I noticed a brown patch in the upper corner of the yard. Looks like the irrigation wasn't reaching there. I contacted the landscaper. I was told to hand water that spot until he could come out.

A week later the entire front yard is brown. Over the weekend was in my local home improvement store for something else. I asked about this and showed pics.

He immediatley said

1) You are under watering. I told him the landscaper set up watering twice a day (6am and 2pm) both for 5 mins a piece. He said you need to increase the am time. He didn't agree with the 2pm time - suggesting more like 7-8pm.
2) he said the brown patch was likely fungus

I am waiting for the landscaper to come out and investigate this. Meantime I have changed the 5am time to be 15 mins and the 2pm to 10. This weekend our city got 2.5" of rain (I have a rain gague at my house so I know that is accurate).

Is my lawn salvagable??? If so what do I need to do? Or does the sod need to be replaced? While the yard was dug up for landscaping, I don't think it was ever tilled nor the soil tested or fertilized.

Attached Pic was taken yesterday Aug 10th

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No expert, but this just looks really dry. Check the moisture level of your soil /sod with a meter (buy one at a local gardencenter). Just push it into the ground & it will tell you if you are dry/moist/wet. For new sod you want to keep it moist so the roots will grab. I would say a LOT more time on your sprinklers in the am. Talk to the experts at your gardencenter.

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Looks dry to me. Did you look at the sod and see of they were rooting?

Fresh sod needs some fert and a good soaking for a few days. 5 minutes twice a day does not sound like enough for the Georgia heat. I dumped tons of water on mine for days. You can't let it get dry or it's dead.

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I sodded my yard this spring and while I don't have an irrigation system, I was watering with an oscillating sprinkler for 1 hr at a time before moving to new location. Even then, I don't really believe I was getting an inch of water. Place some cat food or tuna cans in the yard and see how much water your sprinklers are putting out.

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There is a gents named texasweed who is a retired sod farmer and lurks the board. I used his method when I had bermuda sod laid twice. It definitely appears to be under watered.

I'm not sure it's to late, but maybe he will jump in and give his opinion now.

-The area should have been moistened up before the sod arrived.
-Once installed, a deep watering to about 6"
-Then 2 to 6 times a day (I did 6) moderately to keep soil moist
-After 2 weeks, check that the grass is "rooting" by pulling around the lawn. Back off watering to do the first mow.
-Then water about 3X's per week in the morning for 2 weeks deeply as you are now trying to drive the roots deeper.
-After that, deeply once a week.

It worked perfectly for me.

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You are watering from underground which is a good way to go. I have done this also. But 5 mins is nothing. What was used for the underground system? I used soakerhose and when i water i do it for hours. Gotta think on a new lawn it would need at least an hour 2-4 times per day.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Turn on the sprinklers and watch them go. I'm thinking one of them is broken off and giving you a geyser flowing into the street. That is one of the biggest problems with automatic watering at night or when people aren't there to monitor their performance.

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