Expert Help! Creeping Bentgrass control in Kentucky Blue Blend

dlenartAugust 26, 2010


I'm looking for an experts help here. 3 seasons ago i renovated my my lawn by killing, aerating and seeding a very nice blend of Moonlight, Bedazzled and Blue Velvet. This blend was chosen based On NTEP data on cultivar performance for my area (Southeast Michigan).

I mow at 2.5" and fertilize regularly with a mix of Scotts and Milorganite.

Last season i noticed a few patches of creeing bentgrass appearing in my lawn. So last fall i promplty dug them out and reseaded those areas. This fall i am noticing more and more patches of Creeping bentgrass popping up to the point where selective control is just not a option.

As you can imagine i am very frustrated and feeling a bit of failure. The lighter patches of creeping bentgrass are an eyesore to me.

I'm looking help with two things here:

1. How do i get this under control? Do i need to kill my lawn and re-do the darn thing? Or can i use Tenacity / with Mesotrione in it? However, you just cant go to the local HomeDepot and get Mesotrione.

2. For future reference what is the best way to prevent Creeping Bentgrass from infesting kentucky blue blend lawns? I'm thinking Sod farmers / Baseball Grounds Crews must have found a way to do it?

Look, i understand there's more important things to worry about in the world, but it really is annoying and i've spent a lot of time renovating my lawn and i'd like to keep it that way.

Thanks for your time,


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I have had some success spot spraying triclopyr + fenoxaprop tank mixed to control creeping bentgrass in my KBG lawn. It will probably take 2-3 applications but it does a number on creeping bent and nimblewill.

Mesotrione will be great for creeping bentgrass but it is not approved for residential lawns as yet so even a professional cannot apply it for you.

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Thank you for the response. Where is the best place to pick up some Triclopyr + Fenoxaprop and what concentrations did you use?

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Those two can be found as Bayer Bermudagrass control and Ortho weed-b-gone Chickweed/clover control. I ordered the bayer online but got the ortho at home depot. I used label rates of each and mixed up a 2 gallon spot spray assuming about 750sq.ft coverage.

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Thank you. I do have some orhtos Chickweed/Clover control concentrate. I will try an application on my front lawn, since the bentrgass is mixing in everywhere and i do have some clovers popping up.

I'm hoping it will weaken the bentgrass enough to let the Kentucky blue to take over.

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