Techumseh Starter 37000

Yojoe2September 26, 2012

I know a lot of you know your stuff about small engines and parts, so a big thank you in advance!

My snowblower starter is dead and I'm looking to replace it. It appears there are several after-market makers of replacement starters for my Techumseh 37000.

I found one site that offers ones made by AEP (arrowhead), MES (motorcycle electric), OEP (Oregon outdoor) and a original Techumseh replacement. The Oregon is the most expensive. Reviews for some of them on Amazon are mixed, some had trouble getting mounting holes to line up, especially when replacing a 37000.

Any opinions on which would be the best quality replacement?

Original lasted about 9 years. All have a 1 yr warranty, except the Techumseh, which has a 90 day.

My first instinct is to go with the Techumseh, in hopes that it will bolt right on without any problem, plus the site has it marked as "made in USA." But if one of the others is a better quality product, I would like to know.

I thought it was odd they had original Techumseh parts, is Techumseh making some replacement parts again?


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Ok, I misspelled Tecumseh all over this, didn't I?

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No, you didn't! But, why worry-nobody can see ya, nor can they thump yer head into the pavement. You did stick in several H's that didn't belong, but anybody with any sense isn't going to get on yer case about it.
There are others here who can't spell worth a lick, nor can they put together a sentence without goofing somewhere. But, we treat them like old Albert Einstein!

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