Toro Personal Pace drive problem

phmorganSeptember 13, 2009

Bought this mower at HD about three years ago. First year, drive worked fine but performance gradually diminished.

Basically, "personal pace" function works fine on driveway and non-grassy areas but as soon as it is on lawn, it won't pull. Lawn is healthy centipede, admittedly, but didn't have a problem the first year, or so.

Is there an adjustment to a drive belt or something I might be able to do or is this some other problem??

Rough idea on estimate for repair???

Thanks for any help


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The drive belt probably needs tightening. The concept is the same as with bicycle brakes where a cable sheath is moved forward or backward within a clamp to change the adjustment. Your owners manual should have detailed instructions for your mower.

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Go to the link below, find you mower model, click on manuals, click the link to download "Toro Walk Behind Mower Drive Systems Manual." Read/Enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro Website

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Thanks for your help and prompt replies. Will try the next couple of days to get to it


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Cable adjustment fixed it. Thanks again for your help. Why wouldn't Toro dedicate a single page in the instruction book you get with the mower, dedicated to similar simple fix maintenance items?


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I have bought a few products lately (last was a laptop) that doesn't even have a printed manual, you have to go to their website. I bet we will see more and more of this in the future, where you have to purchase the printed manual separately. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with Toro's website, there is a lot of useful information there (same goes for John Deere and others).

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