Need IDs on these

shear_stupidity(9B)January 29, 2013

This is an old magazine clipping. I'd like to duplicate this look in my coastal Florida 9B location. I'd like ID's on as many as possible. Thanks!

(Deleted photo)

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I see Astilbe and Stonecrop.

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I see a ton of Asiatic lily's and mound of bear grass?

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The red-leafed plant could be perilla or a red basil or red coleus, though coleus will prefer shade in general. The Perilla will seed around rampantly, so you might want to avoid that.

Due to the photo quality, I can't tell if the tallish plant that runs the length of the garden down the middle is actually variegated or if it's a silver leafed plant with sun causing the differences. It could be a variegated taller sedum (aka stonecrop) such as 'Autumn Charm.'

Next to the astilbe in the front left might be a mum that's not in bloom.

Because of where you are, you may need to substitute for many of these plants since often garden magazines are written for the middle zones and you are at one extreme for US gardening. For instance many bulbs need a chill period in order to grow well and bloom, and I think that Asiatic lilies may be one that do. However, there are other lilies (such as the typical Easter lily AKA longiflorum lily) which is fine in your zone or other bulbs such as amaryllis that may give a similar effect without needing the chilling. Astilbe are rated to do well up to zone 8, a bit colder than your 9B. You might want to get some books or magazines on FL gardening that have lots of photos with the plants ID'd and choose plants with similar looks and growth patterns rather than trying to use the plants in this photo. It might save you some heartbreak and frustration.

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I agree with you nhbabs. I wanted ID's so I could look them up and see if they work here, or see closer pics of each plant so I could find something similar to get the same effect.
Thanks for the ID's. Now for the homework. LOL!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

The plant which is hard to see (could be variegated, could be the light shining on it) might be Euphorbia marginata aka Snow on the Mountain.

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Well, even if it isn't, that's a beautiful plant! Is it invasive in Florida?

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