Eager 1 Craftsman Lawnmower

christopher_wiSeptember 5, 2006

I am currently using an Eager-1 Craftsman Lawnmower. The model # is 917.388151 and the serial # is 061997M 024690. I was about 1 hour into cutting my grass, when the lawnmower just stopped running. It was similar to running out of gas. The strange thing is there was gas and oil in the machine. I tried to start it back up and nothing happened. I primed it 10 times and the mower started for about 6 seconds and then stopped the same way as it did earlier. It is basically in the same state now as it was then. I changed the spark plug but it is still doing the same thing. Could there be a problem with gasoline getting to the engine, or possibly the carburetor? The air filter looks ok, I cleaned it off and nothing changed. The mower has run perfectly until now. Any advice on how I can approach this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Perhaps the gas cap vent is blocked. Maybe water in the gas tank? Is the fuel filter blocked?

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tekumcman(Upstate SC)


As Baymee suggests....the fuel tank vents thru the
threads of the fuel cap. If the "guts" of the cap are
somehow removed, the neck of the cap with bottom-out
on the face of the fuel tank, and as such, CANNOT VENT
the tank because the threads are sealed off from the
air. You might look at this. Otherwise, you need to
confirm what's happening to the mower when this begins.
That it WOULD RESTART suggests a potential fuel supply
issue. The tank cap would be first and simplest thing to
check out. Then...carburetor, fuel line, filter inside
tank where fuel outlet comes out into fuel line ?? I'm
sure this is something VERY SIMPLE when all is said and


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I also have a 6.75 hp. craftsman mower. The mower acts like it isn't getting any fuel. I have loosened the fuel cap and it won't start. It will start briefly if I put a shot of starter fluid in the carb. I have disconnected the fuel line (at the gas tank) and pushed air through the carb with a bicycle pump. I saw fuel spray out the air intake port (air filter).

So, before I spend anymore time guessing at what I should do next, what do you think I should do now?


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Remove the air filter, and clean the gunk off the underside!
I got 2 used mowers from the same guy who said they were junk! He never unscrewed the bolt that holds the filter on, and it was terribly jammed up with oil, grass, dirt, etc. Both mowers ran good after that bit of work!

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