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grass_helpAugust 27, 2011

So I've had these growing in big patches right in my front yard. They grow extremely fast and are driving me nuts! Anyway, I pulled one up and took it to the local nursery. They told me it was quackgrass, and the only cure was to spray it with round-up.

I sprayed it. Everything, killing all the grass along with it. Waited 7-10 days, sprayed it again. Waited another 7-10 days. Sprayed it again. Waited another 7-10 days. Sprayed it again. Waited prob. 2 weeks, and all was dead leaving nice big huge brown patches right in my front yard.

Planted new seed, starter fertilizer, etc. and began watering. 1 week, I had all new grass. 1 week later, these came back again! IS there nothing that can be done? Is this even quackgrass? Pulling it does nothing, as it grows right back. HELP! What do I do to rid my yard of this, or is it basically ruined and nothing that can be done?

I'm getting my soil tested next week to see if that helps.

I'm desperate.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Quackgrass is a tough one. From what I have read quackgrass has a hearty rhizome system, so even when you kill off the grassy part, the rhizomes persist and eventually send out new growth, even after glyphosate treatments. Constant total removal of the blades will over time deplete the rhizomes of resources, but this can take a long time. Removal of the rhizomes is only feasible for very small areas, and if you leave pieces behind they will regrow more grass.

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So you suggest to just simply keep pulling them out when I see them?

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I find with quack the best defense is a good offense. Take good care of your lawn and it will get choked out.

But notwithstanding... when I first sodded my yard I had some spots of quackgrass that came from the nursery. I was told to mow my grass very short in the spot with quack. The quack rows faster / higher than the lawn, so using a string soaked in non-selective roundup carefully run the string over the longer quack. This avoids killing the rest of your lawn.

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That pic looks more like Nutsedge than anything else to me.

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alan93(6a OH)

That's what fox tail looks like before it goes to seed. Tall strands then fuzzy seeds start to sprout out of the middle.

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I really believe that is nutsedge. It does not have the leaf attachment that quackgrass or foxtail have. Just don't let it form seed heads -- it will be dead in the winter.

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Here are pic's April 23rd 2014
Not Kudzu or whatÿ?

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