Jodie1718August 11, 2014

We have new sod that we have had to keep moist so the roots will take hold. The moles have moved in, preferring our new lawn to the forest behind us. What is the best way to get rid of them?? We have had so many different ideas tossed our way, and no luck so far! I need advice!

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ForsheeMS(Lexington, NC)

I got rid of the moles in my lawn last year by dumping used coffee grounds down there holes. It appears they don't like coffee. I kept at it until they finally moved out of the lawn. Just last week I noticed a couple holes near the edge of the lawn so it's time to get after them again.

I've also used a spike type mole trap but they are hit and miss. You really have to scout out the tunnels and set it up on just the right tunnel to be effective. The coffee has worked much better.

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I had success using a Sweeney's plunger-style mole trap. The key is to poke a hole through the tunnels to find out which tunnels are active. You know it is active if you come back and the hole is now enclosed by dirt again. I would poke a hole in tunnels and put a stake next to where I poked the hole. That made it easier to remember where the holes were. Then I checked them the next day. Once you find the active tunnel, set the trap there. Once I set the trap, it took me 2 hours to catch and dispose of the mole I had in the yard.

On another note, you may think you have lots of moles. I know I thought that by the sheer number of tunnels that appeared so quickly. But moles can be very territorial and the chances are you only have 1 or 2 moles, and a mole digs a lot during the day. I was lucky to only have 1, and I never had any issues after getting that 1. The only sure way to know you got rid of the mole is to trap it and dispose of it (or relocating it far, far away).

And finally, the best way to prevent them from coming back is to get rid of their food source (grubs).

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I have tried many different suggested ways to get rid of them , juicy fruit gum , peppermint oil on a cotton ball , mole pellets , smoke bombs I could go on but the only way I've found is to kill them either by using a trap or catch them working and use a hoe or shovel to do them in.
Traps: The old style with the spikes can work if they've made shallow runs to find the active runs go out and press every thing down and then go back in a couple hours and see where it's working and set your trap, I've caught a few with this style trap but I've had great success with a trap called Tomcat I bought it at Lowes it's jaws go under ground into the run.
I agree with the last post 1 mole can cause a lot of damage but considering you live next a wooded area you might have more move in as you get rid of the one in your yard you probably have a good population of worms and grubs that's what the moles are after.

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