Any suggesttions on Briggs and Stratton lawn mower problem?

rickdelSeptember 5, 2011

My Murray lawn mower with Briggs and Stratton engine has run GREAT for the past 6 - 7 years, but today it started surging and shutting off randomly. I have no mechanical skills, and ironically I just signed up for a small engine repair class, but it doesn't start for three weeks. I have new gas and the spark plug and oil are both good. Here's a short clip of the engine running. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!!

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Gee, you'd better not sign up for a heart surgeon class- who knows what would happen then! Sounds like a common issue of the carb diaphragm. Two bolts will remove the fuel tank, 5 screws for the carb. This is the time to clean any debris from the tank. the diaphragm kit is cheap and it is advisable to install a new intake seal that slides over the intake tube (in the end of the carb) at the same time. BTW, when the tank is off, give the intake tube a wiggle to check that it is still tight. You can also take this time to clean debris out behind the tin cover that is between the tank and cooling fins. The diaphragm sits below the supplied gasket on the fuel tank. tighten the screws in a staggered progressive sequence, remount the tank assy to the engine and you will be fine.

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Another tip:
Tell the guy with the camera to work up some kind of holder for the camera, to stop the incessant wiggling and jumping around! Geez! I can hardlt find the right keys to type with! And another: Buy yerself a midget socket set that has the smaller sockets and ratchet. That half-inch drive set will bust yer ruts if ya use it for very long! Also, get a set of smaller wrenches, too. They are good for lots of other things. And, i have found that if the governer is working correctly---DON'T MESS WITH IT! It certainly sounded like a case of too much tinkering, and ill-advised adjusting! B&S Designed their carb and governer that way, and i don't mess with them. Un less something falls off, or is broken.

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If you are trying to fix it yourself it would be helpful to have the manual associated with this engine nearby (if you don't have it already). Below is a link to where you can find the all manuals and information around your engine. If you change your mind and want outside help, below is a link to help you find your local dealer, who should be capable of resolving this issue quickly. Whatever you choose, I hope your problem gets resolved quickly!

Disclosure: I work for Briggs & Stratton.

Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs & Stratton Manuals and Dealers

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"Below is a link to where you can find the all manuals and information around your engine."

Well I didn't find any Service Manual.

Walt Conner

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