Oil Overfill / Gasoline Problems?

gamekingSeptember 9, 2006

Last week my fiancee overfilled the oil on the Toro Lawn mower we have. Once I had time, I drained the oil in the mower (since it was bellowing white blue smoke when she turned it off) and put new oil into the mower up to the normal operation line.

I tried to start the mower and it still didn't turn over. I replaced the spark plug and filter, and after reading further into the manual, i see that it says to "let the mower run out of gas from normal use or hand pump the ramaining gas out of the mower before chaning the oil."

Well, needless to say this did not happen, and the mower won't start..... Do they ask you to do this so oil doesn't get into the gasoline? If I pump out the gas tank and refill with good gas should it start?

Not really sure where to go from here.

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'let the mower run out of gas from normal use or hand pump the ramaining gas out of the mower before chaning the oil."'
That means for winter storage. Not necessary for an oil change during the cutting season. Don't know why it won't start now. Put the old spark plug back in after blasting the oil off with brake cleaner.

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Well, after i put everything back together, the darn thing has still not started. For the heck of it, I also replaced the gasoline in the tank as well. Is there anything else I should/could check that would indicate larger problems?

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Loosen the nut on the bottom of the carb bowl and let a few drops of gas come out to verify that there is gas getting to the carb. Use a small amount of starter fluid if necessary to start it. Leave the air filter off initially to verify that it isn't saturated with gas.

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I had my riding mower serviced ,I have used it about 4x and now it wont start . I had a neighbor look at it and he said it was overfilled with oil and it was probably in the spark plug, he told me if I drained some oil took out the spark plug and cleaned it it wouild probably start . do you know that this is true if it was overfield with oil . The person that overfilled it said that would not cause it to not start . Thanks

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