Weedeater push mower spray gas/oil from muffler

SailorPaddySeptember 4, 2012

Hey everyone - new member here.

I picked up a 22" Weedeater walk-behind from the curb a couple days ago, and today was the first time I actually got a chance to look it over. Off the bat, I noticed the air filter assembly was missing ($10 - no biggie). Otherwise, it looked fine.

When I fired it up, however, I understood why they'd tossed it. As soon as it started (which it had no problem doing), it began spray what appeared to be a gas/oil mix out of the muffler (see included picture), along with smoking like crazy. The smoke leveled off after a minute, but the spray continued.

I'm not 100% sure there's oil in the spray, but it's dark gray in color, and is slightly slippery. The oil on the dipstick is somewhat watery, but that could possibly be chalked up to the previous owner's choice of oil.

I've already pulled the tank and drained the fuel (a lot of sediment in the bottom). I'll also be draining/replacing the oil shortly. I'm inclined to think it's a bad gasket, but I'm far from an expert. I just fix these curb queens up and sell/donate them as a hobby.

I've listed the specs below for reference:

Weedeater Push Mower

Model # 96114002300

500 Series: 158cc Briggs and Stratton Engine/5.00 ft-lbs torque

22" steel deck

Side discharge/mulch

Any suggestions/advice are appreciated.


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Hi Patrick.You could just try changing the oil and see if the smoke clears. Many times on these tho, the diaphragm that rests between the fuel tank and carb distorts- creating a rich condition causing rough running, excessive smoking etc.

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Thanks for the reply. Would a rich condition be enough to cause the spray from the muffler, especially with that amount?

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I'm guessin that somebody tipped the mower up the wrong
way, and the muffler got filled up with oil. Change the
oil, making sure the engine has the proper amount in it
when you put in the fresh oil, then take 'er out in the back 40 and let 'er run for a good long time, (at least
half an hour). That should clear out the muffler. Other than that, I can't think of any way that oil can be getting into the muffler, in such quantities, as to continue spraying non stop.
HEY, at least you'll keep the skeeters away for a while.

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The actual MODEL & TYPE numbers of the engine would be useful to determine exactly which engine/carb etc. you have.


Your symptom sounds more typical of a bowl type carb with a leaking needle & seat assembly, allowing gasoline to run through the carb and into the crankcase when the engine is OFF..
Does the oil SMELL like gasoline?

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