Mixing Weed-B-Gone

kluteAugust 27, 2007

I purchased the weed-b-gone pre-mix that you simply attach to your hose and spray. I think it covers 5000 sq ft.

I have the w-b-g concentrate and was wondering how to mix my own in the sprayer that I bought.

How many ounces and then fill up with water?


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Read the directions on the label, they should be in English.

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Thanks you been such a help...

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I think I see your situation.... the sprayer container you originally bought already had W-B-G product in it that would automatically mix at the "right" ratio when attached to the hose. Now that it's empty, you want to know how to much W-B-G to put in the container to make it mix at the "right" ratio again when attached to the hose.

I've had that situation before, and tried to figure it out, too.

I ended up buying a spayer that is made for reuse and has markings and ratio instructions that come with it.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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I have not had to solve that problem, but I can appreciate the problem. Let me suggest this: Weed B Gone has a customer service line, and a web site. Call us Toll Free at: 1-888-270-3714. I would bet that they have an answer for you.

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Thanks for your help Mary and Philes...greatly appreciated. (no sarcasm, LOL)

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