new lawnboy with kohler OR used LB with tecumseh?

fabchefSeptember 3, 2013

hi everyone, well my crapsman mower with the briggs engine has given me a headache. I might get something else. I came across 2 lawnboys that seems interesting. I don't have their model number though.
One is a new LB with the kohler 6.7 OHV engine and the other is a used LB but with the tec. engine ( i think 6HP)?? The think is that this one doesn't have the catch bag. What ever i decided i want to mulch and don't really want to bag.
Which would you choose? the new one is about 400$ and the used, they are asking $150.00
any thoughts?

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I don't think that I have ever paid more than $150.00 for a lawnmower, so for me, the choice is easy, it would be the used mower with the Tecumseh engine. Of course, I would want to start it up and listen to it run first. Don't buy it if you think it might have a bent crank.

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Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. I've been trying to get some info on the tec. engine...some say they're good, some say they're finiky and other say it's junk. I also know the company doesn't exist, can this cause problems for parts?What do you think of them? As for the kohler...i just used our spare ariens with the same kohler engine today and worked like a champ..always started first pull. do i tell about the bent crank? how can i test this? or can i visually check it out? thanks

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We own an Ariens snowblower with an OHV Tecumseh engine, and this machine always starts on the first pull, after priming. It has a "plug in" electric start feature that I have never used, not wanting to run an extension cord out to the garage. There are enough Tecumseh engines around to support the market for repair parts, so I think it will be possible to fix them for a decade or so. Keeping the carburetor free of gum deposits will help prevent hard starting problems, and avoid a repair bill. A bent crank can happen when the mower blade hits something big, like a stump or a rock. When this happens, the blade will no longer be level, and the cutting action will be uneven. There will be considerable extra vibration when the engine is started, enough to notice. It would cost more to fix this particular part than an old mower is worth, so a bent crank is a deal breaker.

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Hi Eric, thanks for the great info...i will check it out...maybe in the end, i might get my mower (if it's repaired) and the lawnboy..might be a good think to have a spare, or eventually sell off the craftsman...

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Some Tec parts are available, but you never know when the source may dry up or if they have the part YOU need.
IMO, it's a bit of a future crapshoot.

You might check out the engine model and look at the availability of consumables, such as air filters, carb kits...

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Agree with Bill, will add that my experience is, yes they're available, but with all things "rare" price is prohibitive.

IMHO, do you really want to buy headaches and frustration?

Good luck,


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There hasn't been a Lawn-Boy made for several years that costs $400. I'm really curious as to what you're looking at there. The LBs now available are 20" and go for about $270 for a self-propelled one. Great for smaller yards or a trim mower. The used one is probably a 10684 or similar. I've been using one since 2004. All the late Tecumsehs require yearly cleaning of the carb orifice bolt that holds the fuel bowl on. It has a small hole that tends to clog up. It's about a five-minute job.

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hi gang, well in the end i brought my mower to get fixed, there was a problem with the spark plug contact and carb was dirty and needed a new gasket...not it starts right away and works like a i need to get a new grass trimmer..any advice?

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It sounds like your lawnmower problem is solved. If you check the oil level once a month, during the mowing season, the engine will likely last another decade or so. If you add one fluid ounce of "gum-out," or something similar, to the gas tank, in the spring, that should keep the carburetor clean. It sounds like you have a good local mechanic. I don't use a string trimmer. We use hand shears when the weeds get too tall.

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I use the cheap Ryobi 2-cycle string trimmers from the home centers, the type with removable/interchangeable attachments. They're reliable and very convenient. I got a new one a few years ago, but the one before that was trouble-free for 14 years - it finally started flooding and most likely just needed a carburetor overhaul. I haven't had any luck with those little 'box' carbs, so I trashed it.
With these, you probably will need to buy an aftermarket needle valve tool ($3) to richen the mixtures on the Lo and Hi-speed needle valves for easier starting and better running. The Ryobi uses the single-notch tool, like a screwdriver with a hollow tube that fits over the needle head engaging the notch in it. Aside from that, I don't know of any issues.
I now have for mine a brush cutter w/steel blade, a blower, a pruner (chain saw) with extension tube and a hedge trimmer (17") in addition to the bump-feed trimmer head.

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