How late is too late to seed bermuda?

scotttydAugust 25, 2009

After several failed attempts to get a decent stand of bermuda grass, I realized one of my problems was that I was trying to do the entire yard at once, and with my odd work schedule (I am gone for 14 hours on days I work), and I have an odd shaped good size lawn, I was not watering the entire area often enough and I was just wasting my money and time as the seed would not grow. So I decided to do small parts at a time and work on the dead and bare areas one or two at a time, water them good and when I get a good stand, move to the next. I have three main areas to focus on. My question is, at what point is it too late in the season to plant a warm season grass like bermuda?

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wrager(Z5 OH)

Probably too late now. I seeded Seashore Paspalum (very similar to Bermuda) last Labor Day. It came up nicely, but was killed off by the winter. I re-seeded in June this year with Triangle. Looks great now and should survive nicely.

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April through July is optimal for sure. The way I look at it it's worth a try. Some may survive. I planted some three weeks ago and it's doing well so far. The Bermuda may die out this winter though. Best to plant in the Spring.

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