Bermuda VS Fescue What would you do?? (Pictures included)

overtona(7)August 24, 2009

Ok folks. I've become a turf junkie but I need a little advice. I hydroseeded last November with a rye, fescue, bermuda blend. (Obviously that was too late in the year for the Bermuda. Anyway, I have established a pretty good crop of Sahara burmuda in my lawn but I still have patches of fescue that that I must get rid of. What would you do this late in the growing season. see photos of my yard here:

1. round up the fescue patches then topdress and seed.

2. roundup this January, then topdress and seed in May.

3.Cut the fescue really low, burn it out that let the bermuda establish it'self next year?

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that much bermuda is going to be a full time job to keep looking good. It will take a yard junkie to get it done. Cut low and burn fescue out.

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Where in the world do you live where you seed cool and warm season grasses together in NOVEMBER? As far as establishing the Bermuda.... Cut low, often. The Nitrogen requirements of the Bermuda are such that the Fescue will burn out quickly....(within days, even) if 46-0-0 is applied, irrigated, and then cut low.

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Depends on how quick you want to get the job done. Too late in the year to plant Bermuda seed, but that is irrelevant. What I suggest is:

1. Immediately switch to Bermuda lawn care practice by mowing at ¾ to 1-1/2 inches or as low as your mower can go twice a week.

2. Between now and 30 days before your first frost date fertilize every 30 days with 39-0-0 at a rate of 2.5 pounds of product for every 1000/ft2.

3. Once the Bermuda goes fully dormant this winter, spray anything green a couple of times during winter. Just make darn sure the Bermuda is DORMAT.

4. Next spring once the soil temps warm up to 70 in the daytime, seed the thin areas with more Sahara.

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