MTD Huskee Lawn Tractor Repair

vanepSeptember 30, 2009

I have a Huskee Lawn tractor with a broken idler pulley assembly bolt that holds the assembly to the lower frame. The bottom is easy to reach but the top is accessable only from the top of the frame. Can anyone tell me what all I must remove to access the top of the lower frame in order to take out the broken portion of the bolt and the locknut that fastens it. I think I could reach it if the gas tank or the plastic dash panel were removed. The problem is the tank is too large to remove without removing the dash panel or the engine and the dash panel appears to have bolts under the main body and fenders. seems like a lot of teardown to replace one bolt. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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With the deck off, and the gas tank empty and the
battery removed. I would take a chance
and hoist the front end up until the underside
of the tractor was accessible.

In my case I have a 2 post Bend Pac auto
lift whose 4 arms can reach the mower and lift 6
feet high.

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I removed hood and sides all as one assembly.(six bolts) and was barely able to reach between gas tank and the lower part of the plastic dash panel to get to nut and was able to remove the nut and the broken part of the bolt. I held the idler plate with the new bolt along with the washers, spacers and other hardware in position with a small jack and was able to get the new nut on a couple of threads and then placing an offset 9/16 wrench over the nut to hold it from turning I tightened it from beneath. It was a bear of a job but it's up and running again.

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