need to know the name of this plant

manfrommarsJanuary 24, 2013

what is the name of this plant and does it flower?
thank you

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Kalanchoe daigremontiana or similar species.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

W/ solid green leaves it is NOT K. daigremontiana.

Try searching pix of Bryophyllum crenatum, that may be a closer match.

It may be very invasive, & I suppose eventually it'll flower.

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thefof(NSW Aust)

This is definately one of the Bryophyllum spp.
Be warned:-
a) EVERY notch on the leaves can and will bear viable plantlets that get spread over a very large area. I wonder, sometimes, if they grow legs during the night as the distance they can travel is unbelievable.
b) It is POISONOUS!!!!. ALL parts of this plant contain cardiac toxins, especially the flowers.


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Beautiful specimen! And yes, it will flower, and the Bryophyllums that I have have handsome flowers, and are blooming right now.

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Nyphrodel(9 Florida)

Firstly I can almost guarantee that it is a Kalanchoe Bryophyllum Crenatodiagremontiana. Officially just "Kalanche Diagremontiana".And yes ~pirategirl~the diagremontiana can and does have solid green leaves. As you know, species are always somewhat different depending on where they are located geographically and manfrommars is in Malaysia. I have done extensive research on this particular plant as they became an issue in my neighborhood because someone dumped a plant on their way back home up North. (This happens here frequently with pets and plants; Snowbirds stay for the winter, get a cat or dog, a few new plants and then in March or April when it's time to go home, they realise they don't want them anymore or just don't have room, so they just leave them. I know first hand because I foster many of these animals. But that's another issue altogether...) This is an introduced invasive plant. So far only Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and most recently Texas have them in the wild. I am presently in contact with the USDA and EDDMAPS to evaluate the extent of the infestation here in Venice Florida. In my photo, the plant on the left has a developed inflorescence about to bloom and the plant on the right is a very good example of why it is called "Mother of Millions".

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