L21ZSN too rich

mnchuckSeptember 15, 2009

My neighbor had this sitting on the curb with a free sign. I knew another dead mower in the driveway would not be welcome, but it looked really good. I told my neighbor if he had a use, I would bring it back running. I took it home, pulled the plug and checked for spark. No spark. I took off the flywheel and checked the key. It was fine. I remembered reading about baking the coil so I took a new approach. I grilled it. I put it on the grill and used indirect heat to cook the coil. First 90 min at 185 then a coat of silicone sealer over all of the cracks. I put it all back together, and checked for spark again. SUCCESS

I put in fresh gas, primed the cylinder and gave it a pull. First a sputter. Another pull and it was starting, but running rough. I gave it time and sprayed Deep Creep in the carb and got a great smoke show. I let it run more and did some mowing. It works OK, but it sounds like the choke is still part way on. I have the air cleaner off and can see it is wide open,

I checked on TORO Part Master and I do not see a high speed jet. Do any of you know how I get this adjusted? My wife has noticed there is a fourth mower in front of the shed and I need to get my cyliner count down a little. Besides that, the neighbor has a couple of Maple trees that are quickly losing their leaves and he needs a mulcher.

I appreciate any suggestions you folks have. I am close, but want to get to its ultimate Lawn Boyedness.

Thanks for your help!

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There are really only two ways to adjust this carb. One is the altitude adjustment. You won't get much adjustment out of it but it can lean it out some. The other way is to make sure your float is set correctly. Refer to the manual on this model that's available on Lawnboy's website.

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