polyethylene pipe for sprinkler system

mynextlawnAugust 4, 2007

I have read a lot on this forum about creating/installing a lawn sprinkler system. The "Sprinkler" discussion that has been going on for a couple of years has some great information. There is so much detail that I am considering it for my own lawn. I have been shopping around to see what I need and where I can buy it. The one thing I have not been able to locate is the polyethylene pipe. I can find 1/2 inch polyethylene pipe for drip irrigation, but nothing for a lawn sprinkler system. In one discussion Morpheusa said he used "Goodyear high-density polyethylene (is that spelled right? Well, close enough) 5/8" four-season line capable of taking burst pressures of 1500 PSI". Does any know where I can find something like this? I have checked the local Lowe's store with no success. Any ideas?



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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

Home Depot carries it in the plumbing section. Just about any plumbing supply store will carry it too.

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Thanks turf toes. I got so caught up in the fact it was for a lawn irrigation system that I couldn't think past the garden center.

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Irrigation distributors will help you also. They have some great stuff you can't get at the box stores. One I have frequented is Ewing. Don't know if they are in your area but look them up.


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I get confused when I'm at the plumbing section of Lowes/HomeDepot with all of the different connectors there. For polyethelyene pipe what connectors do you use? I'm thinking that it is the barbed ones with a clamp (no glue).
I'm also half way into a homemade lawn sprinkler system. I know I will not be going below my frostline in Northwest Pennsylvania. I am hoping that if I get my lines drained out they will last atleast 2-3 years without leaks. Maybe longer if I get lucky.

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

1) Barbed connectors.

2) rent an air compressor from Home Depot for the day (cost: $25). You'll need to get the appropriate connectors to hook up from the compressor to the irrigation system.

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Thanks Turf-
My Dad has a largish compressor with a decent size tank. I am also thinking about adding an in line drain. I will only have one zone buried with 2 or 3 Hunter PGP heads. There is a slight grade over that area. I plan on installing a lateral line drain at the low point. (draining to into a french pit - and my soil is on the sandy side). These drains are closed with a psi >5, when the pressure drops they drain slowly. Here is a link to the drain I have. http://www.sprinkler.com/buy/item/line_drains/4311

Just curious - How deep did you get your pipe and how is it holding up? This question is for Turf or anyone else who made a custon underground system. I think I will only get the pipe 6-8 inches deep.

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)

Well, a good portion of the yard was done with a trencher and I dug down 18 inches with that.

But other zones were dug by hand and are as shallow as 8-inches.

They all have survived their first winter just fine. As long as you blow the pipe out at the end of the season, you should be fine.

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OK - I'm back from a local big box store. I have 100' of black PE pipe rated to 160 psi. The guy in the plumbing section suggested to double clamp over the long barbed connectors. He also said this was reccomended as a conduit for well water. As best I can tell the High Density PE pipe (PAX brand) is very thick walled and uses a different connector with crimping tool.

I'll dig as deep as I can manage and possibly add some sand around the pipe in the bottom of the trench. Thanks again for the advice.

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blip01(7, NJ)

What size pipe did you buy? I wouldn't go smaller than 3/4".

My pipe is buried anywhere from 4-8" and was fine over the winter. I blow the system out with a small 6 gallon compressor. Works fine but takes a while.

I did not double clamp any of my connections. It's been a while since I bought those clamps, but I seem to remember them being almost $1 a piece. They'll add up pretty quick. I think one is fine. just use a ratchet to tighten the screw, not a screwdriver.

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Thanks blip-

I have 3/4" pipe. I found a bag of 10 clamps for $5.50. If I have enough to double clamp I am of the theory... if some is good more ia always better. I am sure one is fine.

If you noticed my other post yesterday "watering restrictions on a new lawn" I can't use my new system till maybe Oct 1st. I may sneak in 10 min a day at 4 AM.

It's nice to hear that yours and Turf's systems wintered over. Thanks for the input.

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