POA Trivialis in 2 month old sod????

lawnman77August 17, 2014

I installed KBG sod a little over two months ago. I ended up getting a hybrid KBG/fescue mix. I have been arguing with the sod supplier that what they gave me was not 100 percent KBG. At any rate, I think I have POA Trivialis coming up on the side only where it is more shadey and wet then the other parts of my yard. We have received more rain this summer than usual. I only try to water once a week at 1 inch. Is this something that was existing I. The soil or came from the supplier? Can someone ID the pics I have posted as rough bluegrass. If it is rough bluegrass can I use a combination of a premergent with post emergent. I have mixed tenacity with prodiamine for my back yard with great success. Is it too soon for a premergent on two month old sod? Thanks for all the help.

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Here is another pic.

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One more pic.

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That does look like poa triv. Pre emergents will not do anything to triv, they spread via stolon and don't seed like poa annua..pre-m will work against poa annua, but not triv which you may have. Even tenacity may whiten it, but won't kill it. Triv can even come back from roundup/glyphosate. The only full proof ways to take it out are dig it out(but don't leave any stolons!!!) or use certainty herbicide which is known to work on triv. Certainty can kill tall fescue though if you have some in there.

I did 3 round of glyphosate on my triv last fall when I was renovating and much of it came back this year. I have TTTF so can't use certainty.

Triv is the devil.....

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