Snapper Riding Mower Starter problem

kourso(SLA)October 4, 2011

I have a Snapper Riding Mower, Series 8, 10 hp B/S engine, Hi Vac with electric start, Mod# 28108BE

My starter motor runs but the bendix starter gear will not move up to engage the flywheel even after I put a battery charger on it to boost the power.

The starter gear looks fine and it freely moves up the spindle by hand. I remember years ago, I had a similar problem previously and I bought a few starter gear mechanism parts from a local Snapper dealer. I remember disassembling the bendix drive somehow and replacing the parts. Now I seem to remember how to get the bendix drive to disassemble.

I do see the plastic cone that is on top is broken.

Can anyone direct me to a diagram of the starter and/or how to disassemble the bendix drive?

I can't find any Snapper electric starter drive parts at any online Snapper parts suppliers?

I would appreciate any quick assistance with this.


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I think that you be looking at/for Briggs & Stratton motors and parts, rather than Snapper. A phone number for Briggs: 1-800-444-7774. Perhaps they will email or send you a diagram, or give you an explanation.

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Are you sure you have the battery hooked up correctly? Not running backwards?

Walt Conner

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Yes, a battery connected the wrong way, will spin the starter shaft backwards, but the gear will not run up to connect with the flywheel ring gear.
there have been a lot of starters replaced by folks who didn't realise the problem! The positive (+) cable must go on the + post on the side of the starter, and the negative (-) post must go to the frame of the machine or the starter housing. Of course, this is a simple way of explaining it and a simple test.

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Plus it either blows a fuse OR burns out the charging system.

Walt Conner

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If you weren't able to fix this problem you should check either the Briggs Starter Parts page (linked to below) or the Snapper Manuals page and search for the specific part. I'll post a link to that in the following post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs Starter Parts for Mowers

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Here is the link to the manuals page for all Snapper mowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapper Lawn Mower Parts

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