identi fy the plant

b42anuradhaFebruary 1, 2013

The plant given in the pic has been gifted to me and I would lile to know all about it and how to take care of it.It seems it is an indoor plant!

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Aechmea gamosepala?

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Definitely a bromeliad. You could repot it soon. The ones that are blooming will go to seed, then die, and more babies will grow around it, so it will need more room anyway. Don't fertilize it often, someone in the brom society says she fertilizes hers once a year (!). And keep some water in the tops of the plants, the center is called the "cup", and in the wild (tropics), they grow in trees and the cups always have rainwater in them. If you're in a mild or warm climate, you can keep it outdoors in the shade. I keep all of mine in the shade, and bring them indoors when we have a freeze. Several of mine are in hanging baskets.

I have several Aechmeas, and all but one have sharp teeth on the leaf edges (be careful!), but the blooms do look like my largest one, which is positively dangerous to repot and divide!

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Thak you very much !

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