Hard ground and grass dying from tip down. Pics!

grassslaveAugust 5, 2014

I took over a neglected lawn of weeds 2 yrs ago. Had great initial success the first fall using a verticutter, Scott's seed and a thin layer of compost. Huge success and everyone started referring to me as the "lawn whisperer". Or maybe it was only me�

Trouble is after two years of over seeding and fertilizing it still won't thicken up. Here's my 2 problems

1. Ground is hard underfoot. It's sandy soil that dries instantly after a rain. It's uncomfortable to walk on and still no thatch. I put a layer of compost down which helps for a month but is gone after. I back onto a golf course and it's very soft underfoot. I do not water generally as lawn is large but we've had a lot of rain and cool weather. Would shampoo help this?

2. Grass blades die from tip down. This happens all over but in the dry areas it's much worse. I do have a ton of tiny white moths but no chinch bugs as far as I can tell. I'll try and post a pic.

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Here's a blade close up. Also should mention I sharpen my blades routinely.


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Any thoughts on that blade of grass? I'd like to try to fix it this fall

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I guess people were too shy to hazard a guess but in case anyone else has similar problems and stumbles upon this on google I figured I'd follow up. Ends up being rust spot. The yellow on the tips of the blades tubs off on your fingers. Not going to treat but sharpening my blades should help.

It appears a second issue was going on as well. I have a crazy amount of white moths which I believe are web worm and are killing lawn due to their abundance. I've seen webs over the lawn. I'll post a pic. Still need to get rid of these.

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