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DerekXXXOctober 11, 2013

Hi all,
I am new to this forum but would like some advice please. I have been tasked by my MIL with recommending a ride on mower for my father in law who will be 80next year. They are both keen gardeners and have a medium + size garden. The main difficulty is that there are a two short slopes to be negotiated. The longer slope (only about 3~4m) is about 20deg the short slope is only about 2~3m but about 30deg. I am acutely aware of the H&S aspects of mowing across the angle rather than up and down. Could anybody recommend a good mower with optional mulching capability to cope with these slopes as well as garden beds and edges? Most of my FIL garden equipment is Honda and he is very happy with them that said I am sure he would consider any good quality brand.

Many thanks.


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A riding mower will be great if you're hoping he'll turn it over on the slopes. Be sure to not get one with roll-over protection (ROPS).

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I remember when my dad got a Simplicity for cutting the grass at their place in the country. He had to buy another one that had limited-slip traction feature. It was quite easy to get stuck with the first one.

Maybe the most important thing is to let him drive it, on his own property if possible. The last new car I bought, the dealership let me take it home for a day without signing a purchase form.

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Not very helpful.


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I don't think that it is safe to use a riding lawnmower on 20 or 30 degree slopes. An agile young person might have time to jump off and get out of the way when the inevitable roll begins, but that does not make it a good idea. The slopes can be mowed with a hand push mower.

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If price is not a problem then go to your local John Deere dealer and check out what they have to offer.They will let you hop on and try it out.Deere has something for everyone.Best of luck to you.

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