help me with grass seed selection

tnkrerAugust 9, 2013

I live in metrowest MA and the lawn area I am planning to renovate gets good sun. (6 hours). I do not have sprinklers and need grasses that will do well without a lot of watering. I am looking through NTEP reports and I have sort of decided on this mix.
KGB - midnight - 10%

Shannondoh III, cochise IV and Falcon V equal proportion (30% each)

I picked these because I have seen those names in the forum and they seem to be OK/good for seedling vigor/establishment, greenup and disease/drought tolerance. Any other recommendations? changes in the percentages?

Is there a way to pull the data for these four and how they compare together from that NTEP site?

All are available from hogan company.

Planning to plant the seed in first week of Sept.

Thanks for your help. This lawn renovation is an overwhelming project .. I hope it goes well

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A local nursery (Northeast nursery) seems to have a similar mix available.
Rugby 90/10 WCM (water conservation mix) w/ Hybrid - it contains
30% Cochise III Turf Type Tall Fescue (TTTF)
30% Rebel Exeda TTTF
30% Raptor II TTTF
10% Fahrenheit 90 Hybrid Bluegrass

If its equally good, it would be easier for me to obtain.

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If you are spending the money and taking the efforts for a full renovation, I'd recommend spending a bit extra and getting the best cultivars and seed quality you can get. A lot of the nursery mixes still have some crop/weeds in their analysis labels.

Also, I believe Cochise IV is quite a bit better than Cochise III in performance if I recollect correctly.

I'm not expert but the cultivars you listed look good. Have you looked into Bullseye? It is very highly rated amongst TTTF enthusiasts.

Finally, just a heads up that the Midnight KBG might be a bit too dark in comparison to the TTTF from what I have read when researching things for my reno. Someone with more experience might be able to chime in with more information.

Bedazzled, Bewitched, Prosperity and Award are also some other popular KBG cultivars.

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