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misterpatrick(4)August 8, 2011

Hello all,

we purchased a house the past spring. The previous owner kind of neglected things for the past ten years so the lawn is not in great shape. Lots of creeping charlie etc in parts, crap grass just exploded in the sunny parts. A spectacular lawn is not high on our priority list, but we'd like to have an ok lawn. I sprayed the crap grass with Bayer weed stuff which seems to have killed a bunch of it and I was going to use a preventative in the spring. I was thinking about over-seeing this September but wanted to know if that's a good idea for my situation and what I actually need to prep the lawn.

The seed I am looking at is:

That looks like a nice mix, but I really don't know enough other than what I've read here. Thoughts on this or alternatives?

Our property is .6 acres but I'm not sure how much lawn I have. We have the house and a chunk of woods. I have several large oaks and a black walnut so the lawn is a mix of some sun and then lots of dappled sun.

I know nothing about lawn care so please keep that in mind, I lived in a loft for the past 15 years so grass wasn't a big concern.

Parts of the lawn will be turned into prairie once we figure out our design plan and the veggie garden will be growing a bit this fall as well, but that still leaves us with a bunch of grass to deal with.

Thanks for any pointers!

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I just noticed that my title is missing a 'd'. It should be "overseeing" not "overseeing". Thanks!

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