where does this spring go ? Briggs & Stratton

mark_usa(Michigan)October 2, 2006

I have a john Deere 14pz mower. While reassembling the carburetor, I had a small spring which I didn't know where to install. I believe it controls the front door to the carb. Please don't hesitate to mark up these images in your response.

Various pictures of the carburetor

thanks for your help ind advance


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wise_guy(NW MN)


It's hard to tell very much from your pictures. I'm having trouble seeing what is there amongst the shadows. This is a cheasy representation of how the throttle linkage is usually assembled:

It looks like you alread have the spring attached from the throttle "butterfly" bracket to the operator's speed control bracket according to this picture:

What specific engine do you have? Could you please post the engine model and type off the engine's data plate?

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It's impossible to tell what you have from the pictures. Have you contacted the manufacturer of the motor for an exploded parts diagram? Those are invaluable for determining what to do with excess parts.

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sorry about the poor photos. I will do as you suggest, post the model # & contact B&S for an exploded parts diagram.

yes the butterfly valve to operator throttle control spring is already in place. the spring i am trying to connect is much smaller & I think it controls the valve that in the cylindrical opening which faces the air cleaner.

thanks again & i will post the model # shortly

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That looks like a Quantum engine. You said that is has a choke on the carb, right? The newer ones do not. Just so happens that I have one sitting on the driveay right now. Will try to take a picture of the linkage.

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Model # = 124702
Type = 3214-01
I hope this helps, can anyone find a link to a exploded diagram for me?
Thanks in advance

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wise_guy(NW MN)

Here's the pic:

It's a little hard to read these pictures sometimes. Make sure you check the part by its reference number and make sure that the effectivity code makes it applicable to your engine code.

Once you know what parts you are supposed to have, check to make sure that you do indeed have all the parts. Then, start figuring where all the pieces fit together.

It looks like you have the governor arm connected to the governor shaft. The governor arm will have a spring #209 attached to it to pre-load it. There will also be a link #201 which will connect the governor to the throttle arm. A spring #618 hooks from link #201 to the control bracket #620. There is another spring on the control bracket which I am not sure of. I don't know if this is #618 being re-drawn in the assembly, of it this is the spring in question. Bracket #620 states "see last pages" in the description, but I could not find any more pages with breakdowns that included it.

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wise_guy(NW MN)

Actually, it looks like you have spring #209 connected to link #201. And the spring design seems to fit the application. It looks like the spring in question is #618. I incorrectly stated in my last post that #618 hooks onto link #201. I believe spring #209 hooks onto link #201 as you seem to have it. Where does spring #618 go? I'm not sure. Someone should know. It should be some sort of governed speed adjustment -- being that there are two types available deepending on your engine code. Usually the amount of spring strength adjusts the top no-load governed RPM.

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wise_guy(NW MN)

So.... this is basically what you got...

And you need to know where a spring which looks like item #618 goes.

Is the spring (red spring in below picture) that is included in the drawing of the control bracket in fact spring #618?

Is the spring (in red) in the above picture currently installed?

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nevada_walrus(Boulder City)

The spring pictured is the referenced one numbered 618. It is the choke return spring. The long straight end clips on to the choke bell crank, into a slot facing toward the engine when choke is open. The end with no extension and a small looped end connects to a small square opening in the face of the plate control.

Connect to the plate control first, then to the choke bell crank.

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I've just done this same thing. I was cleaning the choke linkage and spring #618 came off and I didn't notice where it was located and I can't figure out where it goes back. Does anyone have a schematic that shows the top of the choke assembly? The schematic on the Lawn-Boy web site doesn't show this. I have a Lawn-Boy Medallion Seriers Model 10533 - 6900001 and up. I can't get it to crank now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a Briggs and Stratton engine model 12h702 and I need a good picture of the spring on the throttle and the govener. Please help?

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Cant figure how the spring-choke return spring is reattached. I lostthe old one and ordered a new one was 618 in the picture new # 690354 B&S quantum 124702-3192-01 9202195.

Here is a link that might be useful: basco.com

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