Honda push you recommend them?

robarOctober 14, 2013

At Home Depot they have the Honda Push mowers. I want one that is not self-propelled. Is Honda a good buy? Can anyone enlighten me about Honda Mowers?

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I don't recall seeing a hand push Honda ever at Depot. They may though. The ideal situation is if you purchased at a dealer and have them do a full prep including adjusting the engine RPMs. Most of which I go to are set up at a lower engine speed then should be.

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I bought Honda 5hp push mower (not self-propelled) quite a while back, 10 yrs, IIRC. I've only used it for trim work and a side yard that is mostly ground cover and leaf litter. It has started with a single pull everytime. Can't say if the ones made today are the same quality. If I had to buy another I'd go to a dealer. I've heard the carbs on most garden equipment now are cheap junk.

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The best Honda mowers were built in the mid 80's to early 1990's but the new ones are ok the quality just isn't there like it was in the older models.The auto choke feature performs poorly and alot of plastic is used now on the new models.I think the new Honda mowers are over priced for what you are actually getting.
If I were you I'd do my homework and really investigate before shelling out my cash blindly.
I bought the Honda powered Husqvarna 7021P 3in1 push mower 4 years ago now and for $300 cdn it has been an amazing mower! Only issue is the Honada motor,the auto choke sticks and I had to replace the pastic recoil that gave out all after warranty ran out.

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I searched and searched clist for my HRX217HXA and was real close to dropping the $699-$749 for a brand new one till I finally found one all the way in Indiana. So I drove about 450 miles round trip with my father to save ~$400. Probly spent that in gas but it was a really fun day trip and I got a hell of a mower too!

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