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TWG1572August 23, 2011

Hello! We just purchased a new home with a lawn that's somewhere between 3/4 and 1 acre. I'd like to get some fertilizer down this fall, but am needing to buy a spreader since my current spreader is a 24" scotts drop from about 1950. It's a solid built machine, but a tad slow for my new lawn.

So I'm looking for suggestions. My first question is a push vs. pull broadcast spreader. How big of a lawn is too big for a push spreader? My lawn is somewhat rolling, with some curves/beds, so it seems a push spreader would give me a bit more control than towing behind a lawn tractor. But the pull behind just seems so much easier.

If you had an acre to fertilize and had the choice, which way would you go?

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dmoore66(6 NorthWest NJ)

I would probably buy the 80lb Lesco broadcast spreader.

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

If you are not going to use it a lot you might be able to rent one and come out cheaper.

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Texas_Tifway(8 East Texas)

I'm with dmoore, The 80lb Lesco spreader is the best you can get and about the best speader you can buy if you take care of it it will last you a lifetime. I see it like this you are only going to fertilize about half a dozen times a year and the lesco spreader does a good job at spreading it evenly. I've never used a pull spreader but i'm not sure on how well it will spread. So i'm guessing it really comes down to personal preference but if I had to choose I would go with the Lesco.

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Interesting... I'd been eyeballing the Lesco spreader but the price scared me a bit. I know what list is, what should a guy be able to get one bought for?

I plan to spread 3x per year, so I'm thinking the rent vs. buy calculus doesn't play our here. Of course if fert prices go through the roof again, all bets on 3x application are off.

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I use an Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader and really like it. Price was very reasonable at Amazon.

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Texas_Tifway(8 East Texas)

The 80lb lesco will probably run you about 375 but they also have a 50lb spreader for just over 200.

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That 50lb Lesco would get it in price range with the Earthway spreaders, which seem to be very well reviewed on Amazon.

I'm guessing there are some quality/performance differences that drop the price that much from the Lesco 80lb to the 50lb?

Being a Deere employee, I'd prefer to buy a Lesco and support my business. But I struggle a bit with the $200 difference between the 80 lb Lesco and the Earthway when I am buying for residential use...

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I use a 50lb Spyker spreader which I've been overall pleased with. It throws wide, giving a good overall spread. I paid right around $200 for it. Honestly, if I were you, just spreading one yard, I would probably get something cheaper, but go for pneumatic tires - they are really nice. I like Spyker's positive on/off, and that's one of the main reasons I got it. Not sure if Lesco has that.

I do use a John Deere pull spreader (80lb) and have liked it as well. Seems to be lacking some with quality, though. It seems to do pretty well with the spread and makes it easier to spread an acre sized lot. Pulling it behind a tractor (John Deere X304) is no picnic in getting application rates right and even, though. I've gotten used to keeping my speed consistent and how to cover the yard but there was more of a learning curve then the walk behind spreaders. After I got that figured out, it's nice to be able to ride and spread.

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